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Information about Nickerson (Last disconnected Fri Oct 20 2017 18:57):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          1087  [8]    20    25     1    46   1087 (07-Feb-2013) 
Blitz           1274  [8]   769   175    13   957   1515 (07-Feb-2013) 
Standard        2071        960   273    59  1292   2174 (01-Mar-2017) 
5-minute        1438  [8]     7    11     0    18                      
1-minute        1294  [8]     0     3     0     3                      
15-minute       1551  [4]     0     1     0     1                      
3-minute        1029  [8]    51    73     1   125   1149 (07-Oct-2016) 
25-minute       1679  [4]     1     1     0     2                      

 1: If I play too slowly you can start a game with someone else.   see help
  simulize.  Si puedo jugar demasiado lentamente usted puede comenzar un juego
  con otra persona. consulte la ayuda simulize.    When I have a big advantage
  and I think I could win against a GM  I move even slower.
 2:  I only accept draws in hopelessly drawn positions.  Often I will decline a
  draw even if I am losing because I am not sure what the proper winning
  technique is and I want my opponent to teach me.
 3: I dont grant adjournments in the first 3 games with a new opponent. I wont
  grant anadjournment when judgebot would adjudicate in my favor.  Otherwise I
  will agree to adjourn AFTER you move.
 4: If you insult me or are abusive I will report it immediately.
 5: No more mouse slips I use DGT
 6: players that have just let the clock run out instead of resigning. Geidos
 7:  I send this message because you declined to resume an adjourned game.  A
  few players, not necessarily you, have declined to resume many times. They
  should read help abuse item #2.  This message might be used support a
  complaint.  Censoring me could cause you to forfeit our adjourned gam
 8: 109 games with a standard rating atleast 2000
 9: 37 games with a standard rating atleast 2050
10: 6 games with a standard rating atleast 2100


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