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Information about KingsCrusher(CM) (Last disconnected Fri Jan 20 2017 18:06):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Wild            1690  [6]     1     4     0     5                      
Bughouse        1635  [6]    11    22     0    33   1652 (01-Aug-1998) 
Bullet          2102  [8]   985  1024    81  2090   2498 (15-Feb-1999) 
Blitz           2174       4921  4667   659 10247   2625 (15-Jun-1999) 
Standard        2088  [6]     2     3     0     5                      
5-minute        2184       3085  2587   414  6086   2401 (10-Dec-2016) 
1-minute        2187  [8] 14216 13207  1067 28490   2335 (13-Jan-2009) 
15-minute       2150  [4]   118    28    16   162   2200 (13-Feb-2012) 
3-minute        2203        367   294    46   707   2263 (10-Jan-2016) 

 1: You can subscribe for free to my chess youtube channel where I have over
  3000 free videos using this link :   -
  subscribing will notify you of any new videos.
 2: FIDE CM (over 2250 in 1992). CM IS now recognised by ICC as of 2016. Also
  in the top UK 100 Rapid player list as well, which is actually more relevant
  in any case. If you like web-based email chess, try out
 3: I like the following people:- Amethyst, FatandMad, TheCypriot, Drunkenight,
  GamesMaster, Krakken, Nutcracker, HolyCity, KnightShadow, PrincessLea, Juliet
 4: ICC is good fun, dont get upset if you lose on time or get swindled by me.
  On the chessboard in 3 minute chess I am ruthless. You are free to do the
  same to me if you want revenge!
 5: My youtube channel at has a big variety
  of videos where I am currently trying to do a regular series of instructive
  games. I sometimes post links to those video annotations on the relevant
  games here. Please use the "Subscribe" button on my channel to keep
 6: British chess web sites:
 7: Favourite GMs include Shirov, Adams, Kasparov. Favourite all time include
  Kasparov, Tal
 8: Kingscrusher has a heart too!....passion fish...
 9: kingscrusher will crush you if you are not careful !
10: "bunny" is a term which i use among my chess friends.... there are some
  real bunnies on the ICC.... and I'm a bunnie basher so watch out! Warning to
  all Bunnies: No takebacks, No not-resuming, No bad language... you get
  bunny-bashed you get bunny-bashed... accept it bunnies....



picture of KingsCrusher

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