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Information about Kasparov(GM) (Last disconnected Tue May 22 2001 09:16):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz           2815  [8]     0     0     1     1                      
Standard        2815  [6]    20     0     1    21   2820 (22-Nov-1998) 

 2: FIDE 2849 (July 2000), highest-rated player in history.
 4: For a transcript of the interview with the ICC members on November 22,
  1998,  type help interview
 6: To see the games played against GM Kramnik Nov. 27 and 28th, type "lib
  kramnik"  This was the 24-game, $24,000 blitz match.
 7: type "ex kramnik %##" to see the game.  Press enter to go forward, and type
  "back" to go back.
 8: This is a demo account for broadcasting Kasparov games.  Not used by
  Kasparov himself (except during the interview mentioned above).


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