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Information about INDIAN-ELEPHANT(GM) (Last disconnected Fri Oct 20 2017 01:31):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          2190  [8]   268   115    39   422   2383 (21-Jan-2004) 
Blitz           2699  [8] 10867  9389  2501 22757   3232 (23-Jul-2009) 
Standard        2317  [6]    32    10     5    47   2368 (13-Oct-2015) 
1-minute        1513  [8]     1     2     0     3                      
3-minute        1038  [8]     0     6     2     8                      

 1: Hello guys   I am from India.My name is Laxman Rajaram.My fide elo will be
  2511 in next (November rating list).
 2: I am a Grandmaster and Commonwealth champion 2010. I am also the Indian
  national blitz champion 2005 held at Vijayawada India
 3: For queries and enquiry about lessons please mail me at
 4: I will put in my best efforts to improve your strengths and eradicate your
  weaknesses in chess.
 5: Getting good relationships are certainly more important than gaining a few
  rating points. So I guess you can offer me draws in clearly drawn positions.
  I will not flag you
 6:  Apologising to another person especially to a friend does not necessarily
  mean that you are wrong and he is right . It only means that you value your
  relationship with that person more than your ego
 7: Whether win or lose I love to play this wonderful and exciting game !
 8: Best wishes to all !



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