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Information about HarrySTruman (Last disconnected Thu Jan 18 2018 19:35):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          2225  [8]  2844  1904   573  5321   2225 (27-Apr-2004) 
Blitz           2590  [8]    18    10     1    29   2590 (20-Jun-2005) 
Standard        2290  [6]    37    13     7    57   2418 (05-Nov-2015) 
5-minute        2218  [8]   122   107    18   247   2218 (21-Aug-2015) 
15-minute       2080  [4]    42    17     0    59   2080 (09-Sep-2017) 
3-minute        1953  [8]    24    13     2    39   1953 (04-Feb-2017) 

 1: This account is dedicated to Harry S Truman, Democrat, who was one of
  America's greatest Presidents and who pulled off the most spectacular
  election comeback in American history.
 2: NATO, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine aid to Greece & Turkey, Berlin
  Airlift.  Created DoD, CIA, NSC.  Integrated the army and was the first
  President to propose civil rights legislation.  What more do you want?
 3: Rest in peace GMs Wojtkiewicz, Bronstein, and now Fischer.
 4: Smallville(GM) kibitzes: Mensa is a group for people who are too smart for
  their own good.  Ng5(IM) kibitzes: Ng5 looks good but does nothing
 5: Part of the Gator Nation!!
 6: Buckeyes and Sooners are Gatorbait!!!!  Go Gators, NCAA Champions in
  football in 1996, 2006 & 2008 and in basketball in 2006 & 2007!!  5 total
  National Championships!!
 7: A college football playoff is redundant.  Why?  Florida and LSU already
  play each other every year!
 8: The Little 12:  Michigan loses at home to teams like Appalachian State and
  Toledo.  They should go live in the "little house."  And Ohio State loses
  their BCS bowl game almost every year.
 9: Big Shrink (12): At least you are a real conference.  But you still don't
  play defense in the 4th quarter.
10: finger kidman, ghyl


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