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Information about Bus (Last disconnected Tue Nov 21 2017 13:17):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          1324  [8]     0     1     0     1                      
Blitz           1378  [8]    39    29     4    72   1558 (31-Jan-2008) 
Standard        1637  [6]     2     1     0     3                      
5-minute        1400  [8]   131   122    10   263   1422 (13-Mar-2010) 

 1: Bus says howdy, from his garage in the bad part of town.
 3: In the interests of fairness: if we move prayer into the public schools,
  let's move abstract algebra into the churches.
 4: "Life is too short to waste in critical peep or cynic bark, quarrel or
  reprimand: 'twill soon be dark...." (Emerson)
 5: Money ain't the goal and end.  It's just a way to buy a friend:  a friend
  with lots of synthetic affection.  Just make sure that you're usin'
  protection.  (Bus composes hip hop after hitting his head).
 6: SimulBot GGuseinov(GM)(2406) vs Bus(1637) : 1/2-1/2    Every once in awhile
  we are reminded of why we love chess.
 7: faffa(97): republican party will start to die
 8:  "Bus(97):  . . . Stop fracking?  Fine.  Then be prepared to burn more
  coal, which is dirtier than gas."   Was followed by:   moton(97): "we MUST
  frack, or we won't have any power!"  moton(97): that is what bus said
 9: oldtimer: "God invented war so that Americans would learn geography." --
  Mak Twane. It hasn't worked.


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