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Information about Bones(GM) (Last disconnected Sat Nov 18 2017 11:57):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz           2600  [8]  2995  1869   524  5388   2911 (13-Apr-2008) 
Standard        2400  [6]   489    35    26   550   2537 (31-Mar-2014) 
5-minute        2450       6541  3407  1452 11400   2640 (21-Oct-2011) 
1-minute        2100  [8]  3028  2782   268  6078   2278 (17-Mar-2006) 
15-minute       2400  [4]  1350   149   105  1604   2501 (18-Feb-2014) 
3-minute        2350  [8]   647   433   125  1205   2403 (27-Feb-2013) 

 1: GM Frank Holzke, Germany
 2: "We don't want life, but it has to be lived" (Th. Bernhard)
 3: Remember: I am a fairly fair player, but I'm not a nice guy.
 4: Just play your moves, don't quarrel around. I may censor you.
 5: No takebacks, of course.
 6: Good advice for playing on ICC: "Do not play too many games at a sitting -
  and never suffer the loss of a game to occasion you much disquietude."
  (Howard Staunton, 1847)
 7: Paul Auster: 'Don't give up on men, Bonesy. You've had some hard knocks,
  but you've got to tough it out and give it another try.' Thx, Paul!
 8: I took a 14-month break from ICC in order to become a Grandmaster - but
  since 2008 I'm back.
 9: I am now (as of June 2013) retired from serious chess, but keep on playing
  some light games on ICC. So don't be too harsh on me if my game doesn't meet
  the standards of GM play any longer.
10: "Ignorant tumble I down/Thrown to the bones of the foxes" (P. Huchel)

 Name   : Frank Holzke


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