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Information about BOOO (Last disconnected Tue Mar 17 2009 11:23):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz           3320  [8]    71    60    13   144   3322 (09-Dec-2008) 
5-minute        2753  [8]   102    18    10   130   2764 (02-Dec-2008) 
1-minute        2193  [8]   741   685    65  1491   2298 (07-Oct-2008) 

 1: I am boycoting this stupid server and will try as many members to do the
  same. People that run this place are total disgrace to human race!
 2: For years ICC did everything in it's power to discredit me . The reason for
  it was...that while I was one of creators of the sever (as far as publicity
  and geting GM on it) I was revealing some bad actions that took place
 3: I was told countless lies about every subject I touched...they harass me on
  every acount I ever  created here.
 4: your eyes...and I am waring you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away
  from Lateknight and far as u can...they can never be


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