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Statistics for AttackGM(GM)         On for:    8     Idle:    7
AttackGM is observing game 20.

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bullet          1984         23    25     2    50   2188 (25-Aug-2017) 
Blitz           2527        185   105    29   319   2837 (04-May-2002) 
5-minute        2469  [8]  2969  1649   623  5241   2619 (11-Aug-2012) 
1-minute        1975       1972  1890   207  4069   2264 (01-Dec-2016) 
15-minute       1414  [4]     1     1     0     2                      
3-minute        2253        183   134    36   353   2382 (12-Jan-2017) 

 1: Hi I'm Julian Hodgson, I am an English Grandmaster.
 2: If you are interested I have just written a book called "Attack with G.M.
  Julian Hodgson". It is a great book similar to my Combat chess videos.
 3: It has forty game(eight of which are my own) which have captured my
  imagination. The games are annotated in a lively fashion with plenty of
  helpful hints and amusing anecdotes.
 4: The book also contains a new feature " Attack Stats Boxes" that are a
  useful guide to attacking play.
 5: It is available now - It is A5, 128 double column pages with 193 diagrams.
 6: You can buy it directly from me at a discounted price of $17 instead of
  $17.95 but also I will pay the postage and packing - and you get an
  autographed copy.
 7: Also if when emailing or talking to me on ICC you give me your handle then
  I will also give you a game.
 8: The email address below is just for enquiring about the above book or
  making orders for it.
 9: Thank you for your co operation.

 Name   : GM Julian Hodgson


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