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Information about A-Storm(FM) (Last disconnected Fri Dec 09 2016 11:27):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Bughouse        2429  [6]   571   443     0  1014   2542 (28-Feb-1997) 
Bullet          2403  [8]    86    95    14   195   2441 (17-May-1998) 
Blitz           2618  [8]   193   137    18   348   2636 (14-Apr-2002) 
Standard        2505  [6]    14    18     7    39   2505 (19-May-1998) 
3-minute        2040  [8]    22    11     4    37   2040 (25-Oct-2010) 

 1: FM Dorobanov (IM norm), born 1976 in Bulgaria, teammate and gold medalist
  with former World Champion Topalov, 1988; US citizen since 2004, full time
  chess coach 1997-2003 with over 10,000 private lessons to more than 200
  individuals who have since won every major class event, including the World
 2: I offer a complete course of structured training learned from the makers of
  Bulgarian GMs and former World Champions Topalov and Stefanova.  Smaller than
  the state of Virginia, Bulgaria is the only small country to have crowned
  both the male and female champions at the same time!
 3: To enhance the effect of my lessons, I provide software coverage of the
  material and complimentary bonuses such as "My System" by Nimzowitsch,
  games/analysis for your opening repertoire, etc, all in CBH database format.
 4: I believe that a personal trainer should be more than a lecturer:  besides
  teaching I also do homework, research, and observation of improvement on my
  own time.
 6: For complete information visit where you will also
  find samples, game analysis, tournament stories, related topics.

 Name   : Svetoslav Nikolov Dorobanov


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