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   IM Mark Ginsburg Feb 14, 2011 


Upholding the Sicilian: Smith-Morra Gambit #2     Members : Full show
Upholding the Sicilian: Smith-Morra Gambit #1    

John Watson is on break the next two weeks. IM Mark Ginsburg will be stepping in with an excellent video series Upholding the Sicilian: Smith-Morra Gambit.

The Sicilian Defense is by far Black's most popular answer to 1 e4 at all levels of chess - but many White players prefer to avoid the main lines by playing one of the multitude of so-called ‘Anti-Sicilian' lines on offer. These alternatives to 2 Nf3 include the primitive but dangerous Grand Prix Attack, one or two wild gambits, and also some tedious and niggling variations such as the Alapin with 2. c3, the Closed Sicilian, the Moscow/Rossolimo with 3. Bb5(+) and the KIA which are all designed to stamp out any fun Black was envisaging when playing 1...c5.

But fear not, because there's an antidote to it all: "Upholding the Sicilian" by IM Mark Ginsburg, who in a new video series provides a reliable repertoire to all those annoying sidelines!


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