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   GM Akobian's "French Connection" Dec 29, 2011 


The Holiday season is always a favorite time of the year to watch The French Connection, and here on ICC Chess.FM, we have our own version of the cult classic with a new series of GM Varuzhan "Popeye" Akobian videos based on his own ideas and repertoire as a lifelong maven of the French Defense!

Akobian's French Connection is a new five-part series that will give everyone from beginner to expert player the framework for further research on a reliable system to meet 1 e4 with e6!

Members Preview
12/01/2011 Advanced variation
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12/08/2011 Classical variation
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Last Show
12/15/2011 Exchange variation
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12/22/2011 Tarrasch variation
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Last Show
12/29/2011 Unusual sidelines
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GM Boris Alterman will be on holiday throughout December and Gambit Guide  will be back again in January 2012.


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