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Defending against the Colle System, Stonewall Attack and the London System


   Pete Tamburro's  "The Sizzling Scandinavian"  

The Scandinavian Defense (or Centre Counter) has risen in a relatively short time from being a theoretical backwater to a fully-blown main line opening. Its change in name to the Scandinavian came in the mid-1980s with its rehabilitation at top level by Denmark's Bent Larsen. And its rise since then has been nothing short of meteoric, even being used with great effect by Vishy Anand in his unsuccessful 1995 world title match against Garry Kasparov.

Against 1 e4, the Scandinavian is hugely popular at club level because Black gains a minor psychological victory by setting the agenda from the off with 1..d5! And in his new ICC Chess.FM series on the Scandinavian, Pete Tamburro explores the 2...Qxd5 lines in five videos (and with a two volume set to come later on 2 ..Nf6) that will take you through all the key themes and strategies required for Black to play this popular, and easy-to-play opening with confidence - and sizzling success!

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