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Play Date White Black Event ECO
Click here! 01/02/2018 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 55 Tata Steel 2018 B51, C42, A13, B07, B45, C42
Click here! 01/02/2018 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 54 Stockholm, Hastings, Navara-Wei Yi match B99, B22, D23, C42, B12
Click here! 01/02/2018 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 53 FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championship B20, A04, E53, A09, B11, B40, C55
Click here! 12/18/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 52 FIDE World Rapid Championship, Nutcracker Classic A28, D46, B00, D79, D46, A49
Click here! 12/18/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 51 Russian Superfinals, Elite Mind Games and Alphazero vs. StockFish E17, A45, A39, E20
Click here! 12/12/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 50 London Chess Classic - Second part B52, D13, A17, C48
Click here! 12/04/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 49 LCC 2017, British KO Championship, Russian Superfinal A08, B78, D03, D15
Click here! 11/27/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 48 FIDE 4th GP Mallorca, World Junior Championship B13, E18, B12, C78, B06
Click here! 11/20/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 47 St, Louis Champions Showdown, FIDE 4th GP Mallorca C88, B30, A16, E70
Click here! 11/13/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 46 St, Louis Champions Showdown D42, C42, B12, D37
Click here! 10/30/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 45 Hoogeveen Matches 2017, European Team Championship C77, D38, B46, B018
Click here! 10/23/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 44 Spice Cup, Hoogeveen Open,Bundesliga, Negros Open D02, C06, C48, A48
Click here! 10/16/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 43 Joel's tribute to GM Lombardy D40, E37, B94
Click here! 10/09/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 42 Russian Rapid Ch., Olso Open and Europen Club Ch. B90, A46, B56, D35
Click here! 10/02/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 41 Isle of Man Masters, Russian Rapid Ch. and Youth Ch. A20, B07, C88, D45
Click here! 09/25/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 40 Isle of Man Masters D36, B21, E32, B11, A15
Click here! 09/18/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 39 St Louis Fall Classic A41, E21, B00, C49, C67
Click here! 09/11/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 38 World Cup 2017 C24, D45, B96
Click here! 08/28/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 37 24th Abu Dhabi Masters and French Championship B18, C50, E39, D31
Click here! 08/21/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 36 St Louis and Ding vs. Giri C50, B12, E32
Click here! 08/14/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 35 Biel and US Open A46, E60, A01
Click here! 07/31/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 34 Biel and China-Russia E06, B90, C65
Click here! 07/24/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 33 Dortmund and US junior Championships B20, A05, B51, C07
Click here! 07/17/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 32 Danzhou, Geneva and Dortmund C42, A13, A29, B13, D45
Click here! 07/10/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 31 Leon GM KO and FIDE GP in Geneva D11, E10, E47, A04, D37, E16, E20, A30, A08
Click here! 07/03/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 30 Grand Chess Tour in Leuven C67, E49, E53, B90, A29, C22, B23
Click here! 06/26/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 29 World Team Championship and GCT Paris B94, B67, E10, A45
Click here! 06/19/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 28 World Team Championship E15, E60, C65, E00
Click here! 06/05/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 27 Chicago Open A29, B12, D83, E11, A13
Click here! 05/29/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 26 St. Louis Spring Classic and French Club Championship A20, E32, B11, B20
Click here! 05/22/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 25 FIDE Grand Prix in Moscow and St. Louis Spring Classic B90, B31, B97, C50
Click here! 05/17/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 24 23rd Sigeman & Co 2017 and FIDE Grand Prix in Moscow C92, A30, B10, D37, E21
Click here! 05/06/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 23 Gashimov Memorial, 50+ World Team and Chinese Championship A05, A30, D20, b94, B40
Click here! 04/29/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 22 Gashimov Memorial and Reykjavik Open B12, B91, C45, C84, E09
Click here! 04/22/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 21 Zurich Challenge - Grenke Classic C88, E01, C65, D45
Click here! 04/15/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 20 US Championships E06, D35, B18, A18, D37, E32
Click here! 04/08/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 19 US Championships - Arthur Bisguier B06, C95, B10, A07
Click here! 04/01/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 18 US Championships - Sharjah Masters and Shenzhen China A07, D11, C07, E60, B30
Click here! 03/25/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 17 Winter Classic 2017 in St. Louis, Bundesliga and 1st Sharjah Masters E32, C01, B92, E12, D02
Click here! 03/18/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 16 7th HD Bank Cup Vietnam and Winter Classic 2017 in St. Louis D37, B94, E12, B90
Click here! 03/11/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 15 Women's World Champ and China-India Summit A04, B40, D11
Click here! 03/04/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 14 FIDE Grand Prix and Aeroflot Open B12, D15, D40, E20, C42
Click here! 02/25/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 13 FIDE Women's World Championship and FIDE Grand Prix D07, A30, E53, C07
Click here! 02/18/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 12 FIDE Women's World Championship A16, E20, C53, B30, A21, D02
Click here! 02/11/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 11 Into the Opens E70, A48, E39, D79
Click here! 02/04/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 10 Gibraltar Masters Open E21, A33, A20, B11, E04
Click here! 01/07/2017 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 9 World Blitz Chess Championship Rilton Cup and Hastings Open C11, A34, A07, C42
Click here! 12/31/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 8 World Rapid Chess Championship B66, C85, D02, D00
Click here! 12/24/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 7 Rapport vs. Wei Yi London Open and Super Rapid C03, B06, B10, E91
Click here! 12/03/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 6 Taimanov and Eliseev World Senior and Women's FIDE GP A41, C64, B19, B32
Click here! 11/05/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 5 14th Cap D'Agde 2016 World Youth Championship N/A
Click here! 10/29/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 4 Russian Superfinals Cigorin Memorial N/A
Click here! 10/22/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 3 Russian Superfinals Short-Hou match N/A
Click here! 10/15/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 2 Isle of Man Masters Millionaire Open N/A
Click here! 10/08/2016 Joel's Chess Week Recap - Episode 1 Tal Memorial Isle of Man Masters N/A
Click here! 09/30/2016 Gelfand (GM) Giri (GM) Tal Memorial E60
Click here! 09/23/2016 Nguyen (FM) Jones (GM) 42th Chess Olympiad E90
Click here! 09/16/2016 Grischuk (GM) Volokitin (GM) 42th Chess Olympiad A05
Click here! 09/09/2016 Stupak (GM) Bok (GM) 42th Chess Olympiad D43
Click here! 09/02/2016 Andreikin (GM) Demchenko (GM) Abu Dhabi Masters C76
Click here! 08/26/2016 Xiong (GM) Aravindh (GM) World Junior Championship B31
Click here! 08/19/2016 Lenderman (GM) Shabalov (GM) US Open D12
Click here! 07/29/2016 Bu (GM) Ivanchuk (GM) 7th Hainan Danzhou GMs D58
Click here! 07/08/2016 Shimanov (GM) Zapata (GM) World Open A48
Click here! 07/01/2016 Ganguly (GM) Shirov (GM) Edmonton International B33
Click here! 06/24/2016 Jingyao (IM) Salem (GM) Asian Continental Championship E97
Click here! 06/17/2016 Benjamin (GM) Korchnoi (GM) Jerusalem 1986 E12
Click here! 06/10/2016 Wojtaszek (GM) Ter Sahakyan (GM) European Championship D11
Click here! 05/20/2016 Shirov (GM) Sevian (GM) Hasselbacken Open 2016 C45
Click here! 05/13/2016 Predke Jakovenko (GM) Russian Team Championship 2016 B91
Click here! 05/06/2016 Lenderman (GM) Shabalov (GM) US Championship 2016 D45
Click here! 04/15/2016 Edouard (GM) Fridman (GM) Bundesliga 2016 D37
Click here! 04/08/2016 Shirov (GM) Bluebaum (GM) GRENKE Open 2016 C02
Click here! 04/01/2016 Movsesian (GM) Liang (IM) Reykjavik Open 2016 A22
Click here! 03/18/2016 Inarkiev (GM) Kobalia (GM) Aeroflot Open 2016 D20
Click here! 03/04/2016 Katz (IM) Kacheishvili (GM) US Chess League 2015 C14
Click here! 02/26/2016 Zhao (WGM) Batsiashvili (IM) Women's FIDE GP Theran D37
Click here! 02/19/2016 Bruzon (GM) Donchenko (GM) Gibraltar Masters 2016 A05
Click here! 02/12/2016 Bacrot (GM) Tari (IM) Gibraltar Masters 2016 B11
Click here! 02/05/2016 Sevian (GM) Bok (GM) Tata Steel 2016 Group B B94
Click here! 01/15/2016 Morozevich (GM) Bukavshin (GM) Nutcracker Match of generations B48
Click here! 01/08/2016 Mamedyarov (GM) Lenderman (GM) Qatar Masters Open E21
Click here! 01/01/2016 Carlsen (GM) Li Chao (GM) Qatar Masters Open D70
Click here! 12/25/2015 Sevian (GM) Jakovenko (GM) ACP Masters Rapid Championship C67
Click here! 12/18/2015 Muzychuk (GM) Kosteniuk (GM) European Team Championship A45
Click here! 11/27/2015 Tomashevsky (GM) Mchedlishvili (GM) European Team Championship D16
Click here! 11/20/2015 Perunovic (GM) Edouard (GM) European Team Championship C18
Click here! 11/13/2015 Bachmann (GM) Morozevich (GM) Barcelona GM International A07
Click here! 11/06/2015 Kramnik (GM) Topalov (GM) European Club Championship A46
Click here! 10/30/2015 So (GM) Ding (GM) Bilbao Masters Final E98
Click here! 10/23/2015 Tate (IM) Orlov (IM) A50
Click here! 10/16/2015 So (GM) Durarbayli (GM) 2nd Millionaire Open A30
Click here! 10/09/2015 Sutovsky (GM) Shirov (GM) Karpov Poikovsky B90
Click here! 09/25/2015 Ding (GM) Wei (GM) World Cup A05
Click here! 09/18/2015 Korobov (GM) Andreikin (GM) World Cup D15
Click here! 09/11/2015 Izoria (GM) Dlugy (GM) US Chess League B01
Click here! 09/04/2015 Debashis (GM) Iturrizaga (GM) Abu Dhabi Masters B19
Click here! 08/21/2015 Edouard (GM) Degraeve (GM) French Championship E81
Click here! 08/21/2015 Dubov (GM) Jakovenko (GM) Russian Superfinals E15
Click here! 08/14/2015 Shabalov (GM) Macieja (GM) US Open E25
Click here! 08/07/2015 Nayaranan (IM) Kovalenko (GM) Najdorf Memorial E15
Click here! 07/31/2015 Navara (GM) Wojtaszek (GM) Biel GM Tournament B90
Click here! 07/24/2015 Wang Yue (GM) Ding Liren (GM) Danzhou GM Tournament E75
Click here! 07/17/2015 Wei Yi (GM) Bruzon (GM) Danzhou GM Tournament B40
Click here! 07/10/2015 Browne (GM) Benjamin (GM) 1995 US Championship B01
Click here! 06/26/2015 So (GM) Fedorchuk (GM) French Top 12 Club Championship A27
Click here! 06/12/2015 Sandu (WGM) Stefanova (GM) European Women's Championship B06
Click here! 06/05/2015 Cori (GM) Mareco (GM) American Continental Championship E06
Click here! 05/29/2015 Nepomniachtchi (GM) Sjugirov (GM) 2015 Russian Team Championship B90
Click here! 05/08/2015 Yu (GM) Bruzon (GM) 2015 World Team Championship C45
Click here! 05/01/2015 Kasparov (GM) Short (GM) 2015 Match in St. Louis E11
Click here! 03/27/2015 Nunn (GM) Voekler (GM) Senior Team Championship B90
Click here! 03/20/2015 Gupta (GM) Fier (GM) Reykjavik Open E12
Click here! 03/13/2015 Khismatullin (GM) Eljanov (GM) European Individual Chess Championship D17
Click here! 03/06/2015 Damaso (IM) Navara (GM) European Individual Chess Championship E15
Click here! 02/27/2015 Benjamin (GM) Hernandez (GM) US Chess League 2014 E17
Click here! 02/20/2015 Kryakvin (GM) Khismatullin (GM) Moscow Open 2015 A45
Click here! 02/13/2015 Debashis (GM) Topalov (GM) Gibraltar 2015 E59
Click here! 01/30/2015 Dale (IM) Wei (GM) Tata Steel B E52
Click here! 01/09/2015 Erenburg (GM) So (GM) North American Open C03
Click here! 01/02/2015 Shirov (GM) Dubov (GM) Nutcracker Match of the Generations A56
Click here! 12/26/2014 Grischuk (GM) Leko (GM) Petrosian Memorial D58
Click here! 12/19/2014 Naroditsky (GM) Holt (GM) US Chess League 2014 C03
Click here! 12/05/2014 Short (GM) Howell (GM) Pokerstar International 2014 E47
Click here! 11/28/2014 Yu (GM) Robson (GM) Millionaire Chess Open 2014 B96
Click here! 11/07/2014 Inarkeiv (GM) Baryshpolets (GM) Baku International Open 2014 B66
Click here! 10/17/2014 Grischuk (GM) Rodshtein (GM) European Club Championship 2014 A07
Click here! 09/26/2014 Navara (GM) Durarbayli (GM) European Club Championship 2014 C60
Click here! 09/19/2014 Bluebaum (IM) Naiditsch (GM) GRENKE Chess Classic 2014 E15
Click here! 09/12/2014 Sevian (IM) Zherebukh (GM) Washington International 2003 C70
Click here! 08/22/2014 Polgar (GM) Berkes (GM) Hunguest Hotels Super Chess Tournament 2003 B41
Click here! 08/15/2014 Lie (GM) Kozul (GM) Chess Olympiad 2014 B41
Click here! 08/01/2014 Jobava (GM) Nepomniachtchi (GM) ACP Golden Classic B22
Click here! 07/25/2014 Sutovsky (GM) Jobava (GM) ACP Golden Classic B27
Click here! 07/11/2014 Shankland (IM) Kovalyov (GM) Edmonton International B48
Click here! 07/04/2014 Xiong (IM) Bodek (FM) US Junior Closed Championship B76
Click here! 06/27/2014 Mamedyarov (GM) Vallejo Pons (GM) FIDE World Blitz Championship D39
Click here! 06/20/2014 Fedoseev (GM) Zvjaginsev (GM) Russian Higher League D00
Click here! 06/06/2014 Smith (IM) Grandelius (GM) Sigeman & Co. 2014 D58
Click here! 05/30/2014 Eljanov (GM) Bologan (GM) 15th Karpov GM 2014 D31
Click here! 05/23/2014 David (GM) Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Italian Team Championship 2014 A15
Click here! 05/02/2014 Hou Yifan (GM) Girya (WGM) Women's Grand Prix in Khanty 2014 B46
Click here! 04/25/2014 Karjakin (GM) Kamsky (GM) Russian Team Championship 2014 B06
Click here! 04/18/2014 Nepomniachtchi (GM) Svidler (GM) Russian Team Championship 2014 C45
Click here! 04/11/2014 Van Kampen (GM) Rapport (GM) Reykjavik Open 2014 C09
Click here! 04/04/2014 Quingnan (GM) Yangyi (GM) Chinese Chess Championship 2014 B47
Click here! 03/28/2014 Yilmaz (GM) Motylev (GM) European Individual Championship 2014 A88
Click here! 03/07/2014 Maiorov (GM) ding Liren (GM) Cappelle-la-Grande Open 2014 E32
Click here! 02/28/2014 Akopian (GM) Chatalbashev (GM) Bronstein Memorial Open 2014 B07
Click here! 02/21/2014 Vitiugov (GM) Ivanchuk (GM) Gibraltar Masters 2014 D26
Click here! 02/14/2014 Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Mareco (GM) Gibraltar Masters 2014 B47
Click here! 02/07/2014 Goudriaan (IM) Timman (GM) Tata Steel 2014 E53
Click here! 01/24/2014 Pallisse (GM) Gashimov (GM) Casino Barcelona 2007 E10
Click here! 01/10/2014 Wojtaszek (GM) Popov (GM) Zurich Christmas 2013 D11
Click here! 01/03/2014 Sutovsky (GM) Zumsande (IM) London Classic Open 2013 C03
Click here! 12/27/2013 Baramidze (GM) Akobian (GM) World Team Championship 2013 C42
Click here! 12/20/2013 Shvedchikov (IM) Kupreichik (GM) World Senior's Championship 2013 A04
Click here! 12/06/2013 Vallejo Pons (GM) Grabarczyk (GM) Bundesliga 2013 D53
Click here! 11/29/2013 Jobava (GM) Mamedyarov (GM) European Team Championship 2013 C29
Click here! 11/15/2013 Solak (GM) Grischuk (GM) European Team Championship 2013 B30
Click here! 11/08/2013 Shankland (GM) Ftacnik (GM) Casino de Barcelona 2013 D70
Click here! 11/01/2013 Morozevich (GM) Laznicka (GM) European Club Cup 2013 A00
Click here! 10/25/2013 Matlakov (GM) Eljanov (GM) Chigorin Memorial 2013 E35
Click here! 10/18/2013 Nisipeanu (GM) Caruana (GM) Kings Tournament 2013 D90
Click here! 10/11/2013 Dmitry Andreikin (GM) Sergey Karjakin (GM) Russian Superfinal 2013 E12
Click here! 10/04/2013 Urii Eliseev (IM) Yu Yangyi (GM) World Junior Championship 2013 B48
Click here! 09/27/2013 Fabien Libiszewski (GM) Romain Edouard (GM) Spanish Team Championship 2013 B90
Click here! 09/20/2013 Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) Alexander Moiseenko (GM) ACP Cup 2013 B31
Click here! 09/13/2013 Angel Espinosa Aranda (IM) Ivan Salgado Lopez (GM) Spanish Championship 2013 B43
Click here! 09/06/2013 Viktor Bologan (GM) Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) Karpov Poikovsky 2013 E60
Click here! 08/30/2013 Evgeny Tomashevsky (GM) Levon Aronian (GM) World Cup 2013 E10
Click here! 08/23/2013 Nikita Vitiugov (GM) Markus Ragger (GM) World Cup 2013 D90
Click here! 08/16/2013 Ray Robson (GM) Andrei Volokitin (GM) World Cup 2013 C42
Click here! 08/09/2013 Alexander Moiseenko (GM) Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Biel 2013 D85
Click here! 08/02/2013 Ray Robson (GM) Lu Shanglei (GM) USA-China Match B96
Click here! 07/26/2013 Victor Mikhalevski (GM) Parimarjan Negi (GM) World Open 2013 B40
Click here! 07/19/2013 Ni Hua (GM) Eduardo Iturrizaga (GM) Benasque Open 2013 A37
Click here! 07/12/2013 Dimitri Reinderman (GM) Wouter Spoelman (GM) Dutch Championship 2013 B51
Click here! 07/05/2013 Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) Pavel Eljanov (GM) Ukrainian Championship 2013 C91
Click here! 06/28/2013 Alexander Areshchenko (GM) Anatoly Karpov (GM) Sberbank Rapid 2013 B01
Click here! 06/21/2013 Tornike Sanikidze (GM) Konstantin Landa (GM) French Team League 2013 A10
Click here! 06/14/2013 Leon Hoyos (GM) Ray Robson (GM) US National Open 2013 A10
Click here! 06/07/2013 Gata Kamsky (GM) Alexander Grischuk (GM) European Championship 2013 A48
Click here! 05/31/2013 Yannick Pelletier (GM) Andreas Hagen (IM) European Championship 2013 E97
Click here! 05/24/2013 Maxim Rodhstein (GM) Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) European Championship 2013 E60
Click here! 05/17/2013 Ray Robson (GM) John Bryant (FM) U.S. Championship 2013 C45
Click here! 05/10/2013 Li Chao (GM) Zhou Weiqi (GM) Chinese Championship D15
Click here! 05/03/2013 Veselin Topalov (GM) Peter Leko (GM) FIDE GP Zug D38
Click here! 04/26/2013 Peter Svidler (GM) Pentala Harikrishna (GM) Bundesliga D36
Click here! 04/19/2013 Eugenio Torre (GM) Robert Byrne (GM) 1973 Leningrad Interzonal A00
Click here! 04/12/2013 Alexander Morozevich (GM) Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Russian Team Championship D16
Click here! 04/05/2013 Peter Svidler (GM) Alexander Grischuk (GM) FIDE Candidates Tournament E81
Click here! 03/29/2013 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) FIDE Candidates Tournament E10
Click here! 03/22/2013 Vladislav Tkachiev (GM) Vladimir Dobrov (GM) Meurthe and Moselle Festival Rapid A51
Click here! 03/15/2013 IM Valentina Gunina (IM) Ju Wenjun (WGM) Women’s Team World Championship A42
Click here! 03/08/2013 Boris Gelfand (GM) Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Zurich Challenge E06
Click here! 03/01/2013 Bassem Amin (GM) Grzegorz Gajewski (GM) Reykjavik Open 2013 B50
Click here! 02/22/2013 Daniel Fridman (GM) Arkadij Naiditsch (GM) Grenke Chess classic E97
Click here! 02/15/2013 Baskaran Adhiban(GM) Chanda Sandipan (GM) Moscow Open D97
Click here! 02/08/2013 Nikita Vitiugov(GM) Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Gibraltar Chess Festival; E60
Click here! 02/01/2013 Ivan Sokolov (GM) Peter Leko (GM) Tata Steel Group "A" E53
Click here! 01/25/2013 Nils Grandelius (GM) Alexander Ipatov (GM) Tata Steel Group "B" B60
Click here! 01/18/2013 Thomas Ernst (GM) Andrei Deviatkin (GM) Groningen Open A41
Click here! 01/11/2013 Sergei Tiviakov(GM) Evgeny Romanov (GM) World Cities Championship C07
Click here! 01/04/2013 Anotn Korobov (GM) Krishnan Sasikiran (GM) AICF-AAI Cup E17
Click here! 12/28/2012 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Etienne Bacrot (GM) Bundesliga A13
Click here! 12/21/2012 Anish Giri (GM) Alexander Morozevich (GM) Sport Accord Mind Games 2012 E04
Click here! 12/14/2012 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Judit Polgar (GM) London Chess Classic A16
Click here! 12/07/2012 Anna Ushenina (IM) Antoaneta Stefanova (GM) World Women's Chess Championship D15
Click here! 11/30/2012 GM Alexander Morozevich (GM) Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (GM) FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent D10
Click here! 11/23/2012 Pavlo Vorontsov Kayden Troff(FM) World Youth Championship B50
Click here! 11/16/2012 Falko Bindrich(GM) Pavel Tregubov (GM) Bundsliga A30
Click here! 11/09/2012 Ray Robson (GM) Manuel Leon Hoyos (GM) Spice Cup Open B06
Click here! 11/02/2012 Georg Meier (GM) Ding Liren (GM) Spice Cup Open E94
Click here! 10/26/2012 Thies Heinemann (IM) Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (GM) Bundesliga B13
Click here! 10/19/2012 Akexander Volokitin (GM) Shakiyar Mamedyarov (GM) European Club Championship B94
Click here! 10/12/2012 Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Alexander Onischuk (GM) Karpov Poikovsky international D31
Click here! 10/05/2012 Anna Muzychuk (GM) Tatiana Kosintseva (GM) Women GP in Ankara C47
Click here! 09/28/2012 Badur Jobava (GM) Vladimir Malakhov (GM) Black Sea Finals C54
Click here! 09/21/2012 Judit Polgar (GM) Daiusz Swiercz (GM) 40th Chess Olympiad B90
Click here! 09/14/2012 Parimarjan Negi (GM) Yuniesky Quesada Perez (GM) 40th Chess Olympiad B68
Click here! 09/07/2012 Alexander Ipatov (GM) Nils Grandelius(GM) Junior World Championship E10
Click here! 08/31/2012 Peter Svidler (GM) Nikita Vitiugov (GM) Russian championship Super Finals C02
Click here! 08/24/2012 Anton Korobov (GM) Evgeny Miroshnichenko (GM) Ukrainian Championship D43
Click here! 08/17/2012 Anton Korobov (GM) Evgeny Miroshnichenko (GM) Ukrainian Championship D43
Click here! 08/10/2012 Wang Hao (GM) Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Biel Chess Festival B67
Click here! 08/03/2012 Anish Giri (GM) Robin Swinkels (GM) Dutch Championship A13
Click here! 07/27/2012 Le Quang Liem (GM) Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) ACP Golden Classic D18
Click here! 07/20/2012 Igor Kurnosov (GM) Daniil Dubov (GM) Russian Higher League B67
Click here! 07/13/2012 David Navara (GM) Peter Svidler (GM) Svidler-Navara Match A05
Click here! 07/06/2012 William Stewart Ray Robson (GM) National Open B80
Click here! 06/29/2012 Alexander Morozevich (GM) Luke McShane (GM) Tal Memorial D15
Click here! 06/22/2012 Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) Veselin Topalov (GM) Vallejo Pons-Topalov match B90
Click here! 06/15/2012 Zhao Jun (GM) Zhou Janchao (GM) Danzhou Tournament B94
Click here! 06/08/2012 Diego Flores (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Buenos Aires Masters A11
Click here! 06/01/2012 Gabriel Sargissian (GM) John Bartholomew (IM) Chicago Open A46
Click here! 05/25/2012 Emanuel Berg (GM) Jonny Hector (GM) Sigeman & Co Tournament D17
Click here! 05/18/2012 Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Leinier Dominguez Perez (GM) Capablanca Memorial B52
Click here! 05/11/2012 G. Petar Arnaudov (IM) Ivan Cheparinov (GM) Bulgarian Chess Championship A05
Click here! 05/04/2012 Liu Qingnan (IM) Nigel Short (GM) Bangkok Chess Club Open B32
Click here! 04/27/2012 Anastasia Savina (IM) Alisa Galliamova (IM) Women Russian Team Championship D45
Click here! 04/20/2012 Sergei Tiviakov (GM) Viswanathan Anand(GM) German Bundesliga B51
Click here! 04/13/2012 Peter Svidler (GM) Dmitry Jakovenko(GM) Russian Team Championship D37
Click here! 04/06/2012 Avital Boruchovsky (FM) Boris Savchenko (GM) European Individual Championship B04
Click here! 03/30/2012 Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) Tamir Nabaty (GM) European Individual Championship D20
Click here! 03/23/2012 Hou Yifan (GM) Fabiano Caruana (GM) Reykjavik Open C78
Click here! 03/16/2012 Tornike Sanidizke (GM) Pentala Harikrishna (GM) Capelle la Grande Open D38
Click here! 03/09/2012 Gawain Jones (GM) Nigel Short (GM) Cebanenco Memorial B20
Click here! 03/02/2012 Arkadij Naiditsch (GM) Viktor Bologan (GM) Cebanenco Memorial B30
Click here! 02/24/2012 Krishnan Sasikiran (GM) Mateusz Bartel (GM) Aeroflot Open D30
Click here! 02/17/2012 Emanuel Berg (GM) Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (GM) Gibraltar Chess Festival B96
Click here! 02/10/2012 Hou Yifan (GM) Le Quang Liem (GM) Gibraltar Chess Festival B93
Click here! 02/03/2012 Viktorjia Cmilyte (GM) Kateryna Lahno (GM) Tata Steel Chess 2012 Group B D82
Click here! 01/27/2012 Etienne Bacrot(GM) Alexandr Fier (GM) Grand Prix Pyramides FFE KO Rapid D44
Click here! 01/20/2012 Arkadij Naiditsch (GM) Nikita Vitiugov (GM) 5th San Sbastian Donostia Chess Festival A05
Click here! 01/13/2012 Nikita Vitiugov (GM) Alexander Morozevich (GM) Reggio Emilia 2012 – 54th Torneo di Capodanno A16
Click here! 01/06/2012 Peter Ypma Robert Hess (GM) 48th Groningen Open A C54
Click here! 12/30/2011 Zoltan Almasi(GM) Anish Giri (GM) Sportaccord Mindgames Blindfold C43
Click here! 12/23/2011 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) David Howell (GM) London Chess Classic A22
Click here! 12/16/2011 Paolo Formento Yuri Solodovnichenko (GM) Crispi Memorial B08
Click here! 12/09/2011 William Kelleher (FM) Vladimir Okhotnik (IM) Senior World Championship B22
Click here! 12/02/2011 Denis Khismatullin (GM) Maxim Matlakov (GM) Russian Cup D10
Click here! 11/25/2011 Jan Gustafsson (GM) Zahar Efimenko (GM) European Team Championship D37
Click here! 11/18/2011 Zhao Xue (GM) Kateryna Lahno (GM) Nalchik Women GP D70
Click here! 11/11/2011 Josep Oms Pallisse (GM) Yasser Seirawan (GM) Magistral Casino – Barcelona A41
Click here! 11/04/2011 Vladimir Kramnik(GM) Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (GM) UNIVE 2011 A05
Click here! 10/28/2011 Pavel Eljanov (GM) Dmitry Andreikin (GM) Governor’s Cup E15
Click here! 10/21/2011 Sergey Karjakin (GM) Viktor Laznicka (GM) 12th Karpov International B12
Click here! 10/14/2011 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Francisco Vallejo Pons(GM) Bilbao 2011 A25
Click here! 10/07/2011 Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Boris Gelfand (GM) European Club Cup D56
Click here! 09/30/2011 Vladimir Malakhov (GM) Evgeny Romanov (GM) Moscow vs S. Petersburg C07
Click here! 09/23/2011 Magnus Carlsen (GM) Levon Aronian (GM) Botvinnik Memorial A36
Click here! 09/16/2011 Gata Kamsky (GM) Peter Svidler (GM) World Cup 2011 – Rd 4 G2 C78
Click here! 09/09/2011 Axel Rombaldoni (IM) Ivan Salgado Lopez (GM) Women Grand Prix B81
Click here! 09/02/2011 Hou Yifan (GM) Elina Danielian (GM) Women Grand Prix B12
Click here! 08/26/2011 Joel Benjamin (GM) Alexander Shabalov (GM) Edmonton International A40
Click here! 08/19/2011 Georg Meier (GM) Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Dortmund 2011 E15
Click here! 08/12/2011 Alexander Morozevich (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Biel Chess Festival 2011 E32
Click here! 08/05/2011 Yasser Seirawan (GM) Judit Polgar (GM) World Team Chess Championship E32
Click here! 07/29/2011 Aleksander Delchev (GM) Vladimir Kostic (GM) Serbian Cup A11
Click here! 07/22/2011 Vitali Golod (GM) Joel Benjamin (GM) Canadian Open E20
Click here! 07/15/2011 Viktor Laznicka (GM) Parimarjan Negi (GM) AAI GM International India D45
Click here! 07/08/2011 Alexander Morozevich (GM) Sanan Sjugirov (GM) Russian Higher League E32
Click here! 07/01/2011 Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) Yuri Vovk (GM) Ukraine Chess Championship E81
Click here! 06/24/2011 Jonny Hector (GM) Wesley So (GM) Sigeman Tournament C13
Click here! 06/17/2011 Niclas Huschenbeth (IM) Jan Gustafsson (GM) German Championship C51
Click here! 06/10/2011 Alexei Shirov (GM) Vishy Anand (GM) Ciudad de Leon 2011 B12
Click here! 06/03/2011 Yu Yangyi (GM) Hou Yifan (GM) Danzhou GM Tournament E35
Click here! 05/27/2011 Radoslaw Wojtaszek (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Lublin Union Memorial in Poland D47
Click here! 05/20/2011 Leinier Dominguez (GM) Dmitry Anreikin (GM) Capablanca Memorial E94
Click here! 05/13/2011 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Teimour Radjabov (GM) FIDE Candidates Matches E94
Click here! 05/06/2011 Ruben Felgaer (GM) Joshua Friedel (GM) Continental Championship C91
Click here! 04/29/2011 Evgeniy Najer (GM) Alexander Moiseenko (GM) Russian Team Championship B30
Click here! 04/22/2011 Baadur Jobava (GM) Vladimir Potkin (GM) European Individual Championship D11
Click here! 04/15/2011 Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (GM) Radoslaw Wojsatzek (GM) European Individual Championship B96
Click here! 04/08/2011 Judit Polgar (GM) Gadir Guseinov (GM) European Individual Championship B36
Click here! 04/01/2011 Magnus Carlsen (GM) Hikaru Nakamura (GM) 20th Amber Rapid and Blindfold Festival D10
Click here! 03/25/2011 Fabiano Caruana (GM) Viktor Korchnoi (GM) Gibraltar Chess Festival C77
Click here! 03/18/2011 Joel Benjamin (GM) Jesse Kraai (GM) Saint Louis Open E20
Click here! 03/11/2011 Elina Dalienian (GM) Zhu Chen (GM) Qatar Women GP 2011 E61
Click here! 03/04/2011 Varuzhan Akobian (GM) Yuri Shulman (GM) US Chess League D31
Click here! 02/25/2011 Le Quang Liem(GM) Ivan Cheparinov (GM) Aeroflot Open 2011 E99
Click here! 02/18/2011 Nikolai Kabanov (GM) Vladimir Belous Moscow Open B31
Click here! 02/11/2011 Nana Dzagnidze (GM) Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) Gibraltar Chess Festival E63
Click here! 02/04/2011 Luke McShane (GM) Wesley So (GM) Tata 2011 Group B B12
Click here! 01/28/2011 Illya Nyzhnyk (IM) Sebastian Siebrecht (GM) Tata 2011 Group C A57
Click here! 01/21/2011 Deep Sengupta (GM) Romain Edouard (GM) Rilton Cup B66
Click here! 01/14/2011 Sergey Volkov (GM) Ivan Sokolov (GM) Rilton Cup D11
Click here! 01/07/2011 Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) Alexander Onischuk (GM) 53rd Reggio Emilia 2010 C45
Click here! 12/31/2010 Nigel Short (GM) Vugar Gashimov (GM) 53th Reggio Emilia 2010 B90
Click here! 12/24/2010 Hou Yifan (GM) Humpy Koneru (GM) Women’s World Championship 2010 C67
Click here! 12/17/2010 Igor Kurnosov (GM)   Peter Svidler (GM) Russian SuperFinals B43
Click here! 12/10/2010 Mark Taimanov (GM)   Larry Evans (GM) 1954 game E98
Click here! 12/03/2010 Vitaly Tseshkovsky (GM)   Anatoly Vaisser (GM) World Blitz Championship 2010 B30
Click here! 11/26/2010 Sergey Karjakin (GM)   Vladimir Kramnik (GM) World Blitz Championship 2010 B06
Click here! 11/19/2010 Samuel Shankland (IM)   Aleksandr Lenderman (GM) US Chess League E10
Click here! 11/12/2010 Steven Zierk (IM)   Vasif Durarbeyli (GM) Youth World Chess Championship B28
Click here! 11/05/2010 Alexei Shirov (GM)   Sergei Tiviakov (GM) UNIVE 2010 B01
Click here! 10/29/2010 Levon Aronian (GM)   Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) European Club Championship A62
Click here! 10/22/2010 Alexander Onischuk (GM)   Andrei Volokitin (GM) Bundesliga 2010 C48
Click here! 10/15/2010 Alexander Motylev (GM)   Teimour Radjabov (GM) 39th Chess Olympiad C48
Click here! 10/08/2010 Zoltan Almasi (GM) Bartolomiej Macieja (GM) 39th Chess Olympiad B36
Click here! 10/01/2010 Gadir Guseinov (GM) Arman Pashikian (GM) 39th Chess Olympiad C67
Click here! 09/24/2010 Magnus Carlsen (GM) The World Magnus vs. The world E62
Click here! 09/17/2010 Iztok Jelen (IM) Bent Larsen (GM) Dun Laoghaire Masters A04
Click here! 09/10/2010 Klaus Bischoff (GM) Mark Hebden (GM) Dun Laoghaire Masters E98
Click here! 09/03/2010 Yuri Shulman (GM) Melikset Khachiyan (GM) US Chess League A50
Click here! 08/27/2010 Fabiano Caruana (GM) Peter Svidler (GM) NH Tournament D87
Click here! 08/20/2010 Pavel Eljanov (GM) Evgeny Postny (GM) Politiken Cup E43
Click here! 08/13/2010 Gata Kamsky (GM) Sergey Karjakin (GM) Mainz 2010 B91
Click here! 08/06/2010 Ngoc Truong Son Nguyen (GM) Anish Giri (GM) Biel 2010 A05
Click here! 07/30/2010 Nenad Fercec (GM) Ivan Saric (GM) Pula Open B06
Click here! 07/23/2010 Bryan Smith (IM) Viktor Laznicka (GM) World Open B94
Click here! 07/16/2010 Ivan Cheparinov (GM) Ivan Lopez Salgado (GM) Ruy Lopez Memorial D15
Click here! 07/09/2010 Alexander Riazantsev (GM) Sergey Karjakin (GM) Capablanca Memorial B23
Click here! 07/02/2010 Alexander Riazantsev (GM) Sergey Karjakin (GM) 11th Karpov - Poikovsky E15
Click here! 06/25/2010 Giorgi Kacheishvili (GM) Loek Van Wely (GM) Chicago Open D43
Click here! 06/18/2010 Anish Giri (GM) Nils Grandelius (IM) Sigeman & Co 2010 E04
Click here! 06/11/2010 Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) ACP World Cup Rapid C68
Click here! 06/04/2010 Joel Benjamin (GM) Sergey Kudrin (GM) US Championship 2010 D80
Click here! 05/28/2010 Vladimir Akopian (GM) Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) FIDE GP D10
Click here! 05/21/2010 Tatiana Kosintseva (GM) Nana Dzagnidze (GM) Women FIDE GP B12
Click here! 05/14/2010 Teimour Radjabov (GM) Gadir Guseinov (GM) Baku Rapid Tournament E91
Click here! 05/07/2010 Judith Polgar (GM) David Navara (GM) Rapid Match C95
Click here! 04/30/2010 Kiril Badev (FM) G. Petar Arnaudov (IM) Bundesliga B47
Click here! 04/23/2010 Vishy Anand (GM) Rober Kempinski (GM) Bundesliga B84
Click here! 04/16/2010 Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Alexander Grischuk (GM) Russian Team Championship B97
Click here! 04/09/2010 Pavel Eljanov (GM) Alexander Motylev (GM) Russian Team Championship D10
Click here! 04/02/2010 Vasily Smyslov (GM) Arnold Sheldon Denker (GM) Benjamin tribute to Smyslov B24
Click here! 03/26/2010 David Navara (GM) Markus Ragger (GM) European Championship C78
Click here! 03/19/2010 Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) Baadur Jobava (GM) European Championship B12
Click here! 03/12/2010 Ivan Sokolov (GM) Alex Lenderman (GM) Raykjavik Open D15
Click here! 03/05/2010 Alexander Beliavsky (GM) Lubomir Ftacnik (GM) Gotth Art Cup GM D80
Click here! 02/26/2010 Le Quang Liem (GM) Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) Aeroflot Open A30
Click here! 02/19/2010 Sanan Sjugirov (GM) Arkadij Naiditsch (GM) Aeroflot Open C67
Click here! 02/12/2010 Ivan Cheparinov(GM) Victor Havik Gibtelecom 2010 C95
Click here! 02/05/2010 Anish Giri (GM) David Howell (GM) Corus "B" 2010 D85
Click here! 01/29/2010 Sergei Tiviakov (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Corus 2010 - Rd 3 B23
Click here! 01/22/2010 Nikita Vitiugov (GM) Maxim Rodshtein (GM) Team World Championship A11
Click here! 01/15/2010 Boris Gelfand (GM) Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Team World Championship E97
Click here! 01/08/2010 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Krishnan Sasikiran (GM) Team World Championship B23
Click here! 01/01/2010 Alexander Grischuk (GM) Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Russian SuperFinals C67
Click here! 12/25/2009 Jon Ludvig Hammer (GM) Neil McDonald (GM) London Open E08
Click here! 12/18/2009 Michael Adams (GM) Luke McShane (GM) London Chess Classic C95
Click here! 12/11/2009 Sergey Karjakin (GM) Boris Gelfand (GM) World Cup Semifinals/Game 1 C24
Click here! 12/04/2009 Peter Svidler (GM) Tomi Nyback (GM) World Cup C88
Click here! 11/27/2009 Maxim Rodshtein (GM) Andre Diamant (GM) USCL Championship D27
Click here! 11/20/2009 David Pruess (IM) Alejandro Roman (IM) USCL Championship C30
Click here! 11/13/2009 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) Tal Memorial D38
Click here! 11/06/2009 Ivan Saric (GM) Vidmantas Malisauskas (GM) European Team Championship B21
Click here! 10/30/2009 Etienne Bacrot (GM) Levon Aronian(GM) European Team Championship D43
Click here! 10/23/2009 Joshua Friedel (GM) Migchiel De Jong (GM) Unive Open B43
Click here! 10/16/2009 Peter Svidler (GM) Alexander Motylev (GM) European Club Championship C42
Click here! 10/09/2009 Surya Shekhar Ganguly (GM) Georg Meier (GM) VII Marx Gyorgy Memorial E32
Click here! 10/02/2009 Emil Sutovsky (GM) Bartosz Socko (GM) InventiChess 2009 C49
Click here! 09/25/2009 Ni Hua (GM) Anton Filippov (GM) Kolkata Open - 4th E11
Click here! 09/18/2009 Jonathan Schroer (IM) Joel Benjamin (GM) US Chess League Week 3 2009 E60
Click here! 09/11/2009 Mark Bluvshtein (GM) Joel Benjamin (GM) Montreal 2009 E46
Click here! 09/04/2009 Larry Christiansen (GM) Marko Zivanic (IM) US Chess League 2008 B48
Click here! 08/28/2009 Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Evgeny Alekseev (GM) FIDE Grand Prix: 5th A13
Click here! 08/21/2009 David Howell (GM) Ivan Sokolov (GM) Staunton Memorial C45
Click here! 08/14/2009 Alexander Morozevich (GM) Evgeny Alekseev (GM) Biel Chess Festival E32
Click here! 08/07/2009 David Kjartansson (FM) Magesh Panchanathan (GM) Scottish Championship A05
Click here! 07/31/2009 Alex Lenderman (IM) Ray Robson (IM) US Junior Championship A07
Click here! 07/24/2009 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) San Sebastian 2009 B81
Click here! 07/17/2009 Evgeny Bareev (GM) Leonid Yudasin (GM) World Open 2009 E32
Click here! 07/10/2009 Humpy Koneru (GM) Manuel Perez (IM) Ruy Lopez Memorial 2009 D45
Click here! 07/03/2009 Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (GM) Teimour Radjabov (GM) Limpedea Cup D93
Click here! 06/26/2009 George Grigore (GM) Tornike Sanikidze (GM) Limpedea Cup D93
Click here! 06/19/2009 Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Poikoy-Karpov Open C78
Click here! 06/12/2009 Yuri Shulman (GM) Florin Felecan (FM) Chicago Open E92
Click here! 06/05/2009 Alexander Grischuk (GM) Peter Svidler (GM) ACP World Rapid Cup B03
Click here! 05/29/2009 Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Veselin Topalov (GM) Mtel Masters B99
Click here! 05/22/2009 Var Akobian (GM) Joel Benjamin (GM) US Championship - Rd 8 E15
Click here! 05/15/2009 Llaneza Vega (IM) Ivan Sokolov (GM) Gedeon Barcza Memorial II C45
Click here! 05/08/2009 Levon Aronian (GM) Peter Leko (GM) Nalchik Grand Prix E55
Click here! 05/01/2009 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Robert Hess (IM) Foxwoods Open A19
Click here! 04/24/2009 Zahar Efimenko (GM) Sergey Ivanov (GM) Russian Club ChampionshipC07
Click here! 04/17/2009 Ian Nepomniatchchi (GM) Kharitonov Alexandr (GM) Russian Club championship B14
Click here! 04/10/2009 Daniele Vocaturo (IM) Tiger Hillarp Persson (GM) Reykjavik Open C18
Click here! 04/03/2009 Daniel Stellwagen (GM) Viswanathan Anand (GM) Bundesliga B97
Click here! 03/27/2009 Baadur Jobava (GM) Viktor Erdos (GM) European Individual Championship E46
Click here! 03/20/2009 Peter Svidler (GM) Peter Wells (GM) GibTelecom B67
Click here! 03/13/2009 Alexander Motylev (GM) Friso Nijboer (GM) European Championship B67
Click here! 03/06/2009 Pentala Harikrishna (GM) Sebastien Feller (GM) Nancy Open A07
Click here! 02/27/2009 David Baramizde (GM) Arik Braun (GM) German Championship D47
Click here! 02/20/2009 Boris Savchenko (GM) Alexander Onischuk (GM) Moscow Open C54
Click here! 02/13/2009 Surya Ganguly (GM) Emanuel Berg (GM) GibTelecom B90
Click here! 02/06/2009 Teimour Radjabov (GM) Jan Smeets (GM) Corus "A" A07
Click here! 01/30/2009 Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) David Navara (GM) Corus "B" D70
Click here! 01/23/2009 Varuzhan Akobian (GM) Giorgi Kacheishvili (GM) North American Open D15
Click here! 01/16/2009 Peter Leko (GM) Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Ivanchuk - Leko Rapid Match B01
Click here! 01/09/2009 Krishnan Sasikiran (GM) Michael Roiz (GM) Pamplona D45
Click here! 01/02/2009 Peter Leko (GM) Vugar Gashimov (GM) FIDE GP Elista, Russia C42
Click here! 12/26/2008 Ivan Cheparinov (GM) Evgeny Alekseev (GM) FIDE Grand Prix Elista - Russia C95
Click here! 12/19/2008 Jana Jackova (IM) Anatoly Karpov (GM) Marianske Lazne - Rnd 1 B43
Click here! 12/05/2008 Fabiano Caruana (GM) Emanuel Berg (GM) Chess Olympiad 2008 C10
Click here! 11/28/2008 Gabriel Sargissian (GM) Alexander Grischuk (GM) Chess Olympiad 2008 E15
Click here! 11/21/2008 Janis Klovans (GM) Larry Kaufman (IM) World Senior Championship C11
Click here! 11/14/2008 Fabiano Caruana (GM) Bu Xiangzhi (GM) Cap D'Agde B27
Click here! 11/07/2008 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) MaxVachier-Lagrave (im)(GM) Cap D'Agde A57
Click here! 10/31/2008 Levon Aronian (GM) Andrei Volokitin (GM) Euro Clubs Cup D10
Click here! 10/24/2008 Evgeny Alekseev (GM) Peter Svidler (GM) Russian SuperFinal B12
Click here! 10/17/2008 MaxVachier-Lagrave (im)(GM) Bartlomiej Macieja (GM) Bundesliga B48
Click here! 10/10/2008 Mircea Parligras (GM) Yuri Kruppa (GM) Romanian SuperLiga C07
Click here! 10/03/2008 Jan Werle (GM) Daniel Fridman (GM) European Union D43
Click here! 09/26/2008 Anna Ushenina (IM) Alexandra Kosteniuk (GM) Women WCC 2008 E35
Click here! 09/19/2008 Slava Mikhailuk (FM) Peter Bereolos (FM) US Chess League A10
Click here! 09/12/2008 Wang Yue (GM) Simen Agdestein (GM) NHchess Amsterdam A40
Click here! 09/05/2008 Jan Smeets (GM) Michael Adams (GM) Staunton Memorial C45
Click here! 08/29/2008 Magnus Carlsen (GM) Hans Hofstetter (FM) Magnus's Charity Simul on ICC C82
Click here! 08/22/2008 Sergey Karjakin (GM) Teimour Radjabov (GM) Grand Prix Sochi B78
Click here! 08/15/2008 Etienne Bacrot (GM) Evgeny Alekseev (GM) Biel 2008 E00
Click here! 08/08/2008 Dean Ippolito (IM) Sergey Erenburg (GM) New Jersey Futurity D45
Click here! 08/01/2008 Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) Alexei Shirov (GM) Poikoy tournament D12
Click here! 07/25/2008 Hans Tikkanen (IM) Emanuel Berg (GM) Swedish Championship A56
Click here! 07/18/2008 Alexander Shabalov (GM) Samuel Shankland World Open - Round 1 B50
Click here! 07/11/2008 Sergey Karjakin (GM) Nigel Sort (GM) Rapid Match - Game 1 B12
Click here! 07/04/2008 Malkhaz Sulashvili (IM) Gadir Guseinov (GM) President's Cup D45
Click here! 06/27/2008 Alexei Shirov (GM) Dmitry Jakovenko (GM) Aerosvit 2008 E15
Click here! 06/20/2008 Boris Gelfand (GM) Alexander Morozevich (GM) Asrian Memorial A40
Click here! 06/13/2008 Magnus Carlsen (GM) Peter Leko (GM) Rapid Match B13
Click here! 06/06/2008 Gregory Kaidanov (GM) Alexander Onischuk (GM) US Championship C57
Click here! 05/30/2008 Marcel Martinez (FM) Dmitry Zilberstein (IM) US Chess League C78
Click here! 05/23/2008 Teimour Radjabov (GM) Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Mtel Masters E15
Click here! 05/16/2008 Alexander Grischuk (GM) Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) Baku FIDE GP E62
Click here! 05/09/2008 David Baramidze (GM) Zoltan Almasi (GM) Euro Championship B63
Click here! 05/02/2008 Veselin Topalov (GM) Francisco Vallejo Pons (GM) Dos Hermanas C65
Click here! 04/25/2008 Alekseev (GM) Radjabov (GM) Russian Team Championship B30
Click here! 04/18/2008 Naiditsch (GM) Mikhalei (GM) Heviz Open C80
Click here! 04/11/2008 Yuri Shulman (GM) Robert Hess (IM) Foxwoods Open C34
Click here! 04/04/2008 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Veselin Topalov (GM) Amber Rapid B90
Click here! 03/28/2008 Michal Olszewski (IM) Stanislav Savchenko (GM) Amber Rapid B90
Click here! 03/21/2008 Wang Hao (GM) Fabiano Caruana (GM) Rekyavik Chess Festival D17
Click here! 03/14/2008 Michal Olszewski (IM) Stanislav Savchenko (GM) Cappelle la Grande B20
Click here! 03/07/2008 Ian Nepomniachtchi (GM) Boris Grachev (GM) Aeroflot Open B48
Click here! 02/29/2008 Ernesto Inarkiev (GM) Murtas Kazhgaleyev (GM) Moscow Open C72
Click here! 02/22/2008 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Zahar Efimenko (GM) Gibtelecom Chess Festival A22
Click here! 02/15/2008 Ljubomir Ljubojevic (GM) Viktor Kortchnoi (GM) Corus Honorary Group E33
Click here! 02/08/2008 Ian Smeets (GM) Etienne Bacrot (GM) Corus B - Round 5 C87
Click here! 02/01/2008 Sergey Ivanov (GM) Emanuel Berg (GM) Rilton Cup E14
Click here! 01/25/2008 Ni Hua (GM) Mihail Marin (GM) Reggio Emilia C54
Click here! 01/18/2008 Peter Svidler (GM) Alexander Morozevich (GM) Russian Superfinals B90
Click here! 01/11/2008 Ray Robson (FM) Drasko Boskovic (IM) UTD Invitational (GM) B48
Click here! 01/04/2008 Gatay Kamsky (GM) Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) World Cup - Round 5 B94
Click here! 12/28/2007 Yue Wang (GM) Ivan Cheparinov (GM) World Cup - Round 4 E80
Click here! 12/21/2007 Veselin Topalov (GM) Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (GM) Liga de Campeones - Round 8 D20
Click here! 12/14/2007 Vladimir Kramnik (GM) Magnus Carlsen (GM) Tal Memorial - Round 1 E06
Click here! 12/07/2007 Ivan Cheparinov David Navara European Team Champ. C88
Click here! 11/30/2007 Rustam Kasimdzhanov (GM) Anatoly Karpov (GM) Liga de Campeones E12
Click here! 11/23/2007 VadMalakhatko (im) Victor Mikhalei Calvia Open - Round 7 A16
Click here! 11/16/2007 Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Peter Leko (GM) Rapid Match - Game 2 C45
Click here! 11/09/2007 Michal Krasenkow (GM) Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Barcelona - Round 2 A14
Click here! 11/02/2007 Ruslan Ponomariov (GM) Zaven Andriasian (GM) Essent tournament, 1st Round. D11
Click here! 10/26/2007 Ahmed Adly (GM) Viktor Laznicka (GM) World Junior Championship, Round 8 A07
Click here! 10/19/2007 Michael Adams (GM) Georgiev Kiril (GM) EuroCup for Clubs C67
Click here! 10/12/2007 Larry Christiansen (GM) Patrick Wolff (GM) US Chess League - week 6 B60
Click here! 10/05/2007 Nigel Short (GM) Xiangzhi Bu (GM) UK China match - Liverpool, UK B90
Click here! 09/28/2007 Hikaru Nakamura (GM) Ildar Ibragimov (GM) New York Championship C21
Click here! 09/21/2007 Zhang Pengxiang (GM) Evgeny Alekseev (GM) China Russia match - Round 1 A45
Click here! 09/14/2007 Sergey Karjakin (GM) Alexander Beliay (GM) Rising Stars 2007 - Round 10 C92
Click here! 09/07/2007 Caruana Fabiano (GM) Barua Dibyendu (GM) Vlissingen, Netherlands - Round 8 C05
Click here! 08/31/2007 Magnus Carlsen (GM) Teimour Radjabov (GM) Biel Int. - Switzerland B07
Click here! 08/24/2007 Peter Nielsen (GM) Nick De Firmian (GM) Politik Cup - Denmark E17
Click here!08/17/2007Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Mark Blutein (GM) Montreal Int. - Canada B60
Click here! 08/10/2007 Lenier Dominguez (GM) Loek Van Wely (GM) Aerosvit - Foros Ukraina B90

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