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Information about AtomicDog (Last disconnected Tue Jun 03 2014 13:48):

              rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Blitz            855  [8]     7    21     1    29    873 (29-Oct-2011) 
Standard        2013  [6]  1541  1640   199  3380   2050 (08-May-2014) 

 1: I live in New York City on the very western tip of Long Island. A strong
  swimmer could cross the East River outside my apartment and come ashore at
  the United Nations.
 2: I am a student of IM Dan Vasiesiu, ICC handle LazyPawn. He is a brilliant
  man, a great chess player, a great instructor; but he does not suffer foolish
  errors lightly. He demands commitment and hard work and will bring the best
  out of you.
 3: "Everything is vague to a degree not realized until you have tried to make
  it precise." -- Bertrand Russell
 4: "By some ardent enthusiasts, chess has been elevated into a science or an
  art. It is neither; but its principal characteristic seems to be what human
  nature most delights in: a fight." -- Emanuel Lasker
 5: "My opponents make good moves too. Sometimes I don't take these things
  into consideration." -- Bobby Fischer
 6: "I warne yow wel, it is no childes pley." -- Geoffrey Chaucer

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