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Members & Activities :: ICC Weekly Events

ICC Events

GM Boris Alterman (B-Alterman) 50 10 simul Sunday 11:00 am
Play the Master help PLAYtheMASTER Sunday 2:00 pm
WGM Martica Fierro (MarticaFierro) time odds blitz Sunday 6:00 pm
WGM Martica Fierro (MarticaFierro) 30 30 simul Sunday 7:00 pm
IM Jonathan Schroer (Schroer) 55 20 simul Monday 6:30 pm
Play the Master help PLAYtheMASTER Monday 7:00 pm
GM Larry Christiansen (LarryC) 45 15 simul Every other Tuesday 2:00 pm
GM Larry Christiansen (LarryC) material odds blitz The other Tuesday 2:00 pm
IM Jonathan Schroer (Schroer) 55 20 simul Tuesday 6:30 pm
IM Alex Lenderman (manest) time odds blitz Tuesday 8:00 pm
IM Alex Lenderman (manest) 45 30 simul U2200 Wednesday 8:00 pm
IM Vojislav Milanovic (voja) 30 60 simul Thursday 1:00 pm
GM Larry Christiansen (LarryC) material odds blitz Every other Thursday 8:00 pm
GM Larry Christiansen (LarryC) 45 15 simul The other Thursday 8:00 pm
SimulMaster help SimulMaster Friday 1:00 pm
IM Alexey Kireev (MaestroASK) 45 15 simul Friday 5:00 pm
GM Ronen Har-Zvi (Indiana-Jones) 45 20 simul U2200 Friday 8:00 am
IM Alex Lenderman (manest) 45 30 simul Saturday 8:00 am
IM Vojislav Milanovic (voja) 30 60 simul Saturday 1:00 pm

The ICC also holds numerous other special events and broadcasts. Keep up-to-date by reading our weekly Event List and the News items.

Play the Master

A master, and sometimes a Grandmaster, plays blitz chess against ICC members who are rated 300 or more points below the master. It's a great chance to play a master or Grandmaster! First-come-first-serve. You are also welcome to observe the games, and to heckle the master while he plays! It's an ICC tradition. "help PLAYtheMASTER" on ICC for details.


A Master, and sometimes a Grandmaster, will play 20 ICC members rated under 300 points (ICC Standard) below the Master. The Simul will take place in channel 3. The time control is 30 minutes without increment (30 0). The lottery system will be used, to give everyone a chance to play. It's a newICC event. "help SimulMaster" on ICC for details.


To play in the simul, about 5 minutes before the simul is scheduled to start, type "tell SimulBot join". When the games start, you may move anytime it is your turn to move. You do not have to wait for the simul giver to come to your board. Most of these simuls last about 2 hours. Type +ch 3 if you wish to join the simul chat channel.

Material odds blitz

At the start of the game, material is removed from your opponent's board. This might be a pawn, knight, rook, or queen, depending on your rating. You start with black, except for pawn and move odds. In rook odds the "a" pawn starts on "a3"

Type "pend" and the name of the odds giver to see your place in line.

Time odds blitz

You start with more time than your opponent. Typical: you start with 5 minutes, the opponent 1 minute.


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