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Members & Activities :: Teachers

TeachersICC provides you with access to the greatest chess instructors regardless of your geographic location. Instructors are world-class players who have been screened by ICC and have undertaken to provide you with the best experience according to ICC guidelines.

Visit the Teacher's section to find a teacher!
In the teacher's section, you can sort by teacher ranking, read reviews and much more!
Try different teachers until you find the one you like best.

Note that if you take lessons from non-vendors (people not on this list), it is completely at your own risk. ICC does not guarantee the identity of non-vendors, or help with problems related to payments and quality of lessons involving non-vendors.

ICC requires non-vendors who are offering lessons to put this in their finger notes: ICC requires me to state that I am not an official vendor, and you should read the third paragraph in "help Services".

Active ICC Teachers:

GM: Grandmaster    IM: International Master    WGM: Woman Grandmaster
WIM: Woman International Master    FM: FIDE Master    NM: USCF National Master

GM Predrag Trajkovic

Hello! I am Trajkovic Predrag, GM from Serbia.  Professional player and coach (Coach of National Teams in Olympics 2006-Torino and 2010-Khanty Mansijsk).  Officially certified as a FIDE-Trainer. Currently coaching more then 15 young State Champions! Most active ICC teacher.  I am available for lessons and games with analysis.  Reasonable rates,40 chekels per hour!  For more info:


IM Atanas Kizov

Atanas Kizov, (imkizov on ICC) International Master from Macedonia and official FIDE trainer. Long-term professional player, trainer and captain of national team of Macedonia. Experience with different level of players from beginners till top players. Flexible hours. If interested, email me on:


GM Andrey Vovk

Hello, my name is Andriy Vovk, GM from Ukraine live FIDE rating is 2632. I have more than 6 years of expierence of online coaching. We can work on all aspects of your play which are the weakest. In openings my main specializations are KID, Leningrad Dutch on 1.d4 and Rauzer on 1.e4. With white I play 1.e4 following with attacking lines vs Sicilian defence, Tarrasch variation vs French defence and others. Homework is provided. I am working with all levels and all ages. If you have questions to ask please contact me on my e-mail : or on ICC my handle is Saw.


FM Sasa Jevtic

My name is Sasa Jevtic, I am FM with 2 IM norms, from Serbia and official ICC vendor. Also I am certified FIDE Trainer (FT), International Arbiter (IA) and International Organizer (IO). I am an official ICC vendor and professional chess coach. See more details at my official web site: If you would like to improve your skills, if you are tired of losing games, if you want to learn and understand chess better, or if you just want to have more fun with chess then please contact me at! During my lessons I prefer to communicate with students via Skype . I am also available for playing training games at all time controls, or to analyse student games.I have many satisfied students worldwide and I was chess coach at few camps in USA. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.


IM Dan Vasiesiu

European IM and experienced trainer, one of the most active on ICC. Taking students rated anywhere from 1200 to 2200. I believe that the key to improvement in chess is to focus on learning how to think properly. Most people get stuck because they only accumulate knowledge without actually developing a proper thought process. My lessons are one on one, customized to meet the student's needs. Opening study, planning, calculation, typical endgames, answering questions, going through games - I do it all. $30/hour or even better $50/2 consecutive hrs.

Attention – potential students, contact me ( before making any payment! Information I need – your age, rating, chess books/software you own, desired lesson times, chess goals.


NM Donny Gray

National Master title in Nov 1986 and 4 State Championships in 3 different states. Teaching for 35+ years. My lessons teach Endgame and technique. Students below 1600 increase in over all strength greatly. Students 1600-2000 learn how to win in the ending. All students learn technique and have all tournament games analyzed. Technique is winning a won position.
For more detailed info on my teaching techniques check out my web site:
Lessons are $25 for 1 hour.


GM Dejan Antic

GM Dejan Antic, Coach of two World Champions! Among 97 holders of the highest World trainers title, FIDE Senior Trainer, officially certified by the World Chess Federation. National Champion of Serbia 2015 and member of the National Team.
Co-author of very popular books "The Modern French" and "The Modern Bogo-Indian", Chess Informant cooperator 20 years, New In Chess author 8 years, Chessbase Magazine author. Every student welcome and improved without exceptions. Two years, 2012-2013, coach of two World Champions!
Try real coaching service with more than acceptable prices. In price of lesson free books and material included. Please,feel free to contact me and to see 25 years of coaching references, worldwide! or Skype Audio Available dejanantic1


IM Petar Gojkovic

Hello, I am IM Petar Gojkovic (2416) I am available for lessons and games with analysis. Opening expert for Dragon Sicilian! Very reasonable lessons, 15 chekels per hour.


GM Miroslav Miljkovic

Hi! My name is Miroslav Miljkovic, Grand Master from Serbia and official ICC vendor.
If you want to learn, improve, and have a nice time just contact me. I can help you to find the weaknesses in your play. I can play sparring games with you... Prepare special lessons for every student. Reasonable rates. 45 min lesson - 20 -- 1h lesson - 25 -- 90 min lesson - 35 -- 2h lesson - 45
For more info: ,
on ICC or skype (mircemiljkovic).


IM Milanovic Vojislav

Vojislav Milanovic an experienced Europian trainer who can help serious students like you to improve your middlegames, strategies, tactics, understanding of openings and analysis of your games.

Visit my website:
Type "finger voja" for more training course info.


IM Artiom Tsepotan

IM Artiom Tsepotan from Ukraine.  Holder of Master's Degree in Education. Top 10 Vendor on ICC.  A fifteen-years years Chess Teacher experience. My best Student was Anna Ushenina, who became the 14th World Women Champion in 2012., and Olympic Champion in 2006. I am convinced that examination of your games is the key to improvement of chess skills. John Rudolski said before our lessons "I have many, many chess books and software but I find myself jumping around and not staying on track." ... Can you guess why? ... Does Houdini really help you?  Get sick and tired of easy TrainingBot positions? type: play KQkr.  patternmaster (Adelaide, Australia) says: "I think we had our 100th lesson today." Please check what my Students say:
Email :


IM Vladan Rabrenovic

I'm chess coach for 20 years and many people say with great success. If you really want from someone to teach you how to play better, please let me know. If you don't have a plan, I always have one. We can study, analyze and play for 19 Ch/hr (2hrs = 35 Ch) Please, send me a message Rabren at ICC.


NM Brian McCarthy

Life Master Brian McCarthy, Peak USCF 2425. Students have won many titles including Denker, US Amt, Champion of State Champions, Junior under 8, etc. I use a completely unique system, combining classical chess and modern technology. A great bargain at 30.00 an hr 55.00 for 2

See: "finger Dropzone" and my web page for more details, sample lessons and columns. Money Back Gtd! Email:


Vladimir Kizov

Vladimir Kizov,(kizo on ICC) National Master from Macedonia and trainer in one of the best organized chess schools in Macedonia as well as the coach of the youth team chess club Gambit-Asseco SEE, which has been a full participant in the European Club Cup for the past 5 years. Experience with different level of players.
If interested, email me on:


IM/WGM Iva Videnova

WGM, IM, Iva Videnova - specialized in training beginners and students with FIDE rating less than 2000;
- A certified FIDE Trainer (FT) with current FIDE rating of 2370 (up to May 1, 2017) and a Bachelor’s degree in chess coaching; worked as a chess coach in Dubai Chess & Culture Club (Dubai, UAE) from 2015 to 2017.
Top achievements as a player: 2017 German team champion for women with SK Schwabisch Hall, 3-time Bulgarian champion for women (2014, 2013, 2012), Bronze medalist from the European team championship for women (Porto Carras, Greece, 2011). Available for private lessons and training games. Email:


GM Yuri Vovk

Hello! My name is GM Yuri Vovk – a 2600+ FIDE rated player from Ukraine. Why to choose me as your chess coach? First of all,my incremental coaching method allows you to comprehend chess rationally that can really help you to organize your chess knowledge as the whole teaching process is highly consistent. Secondly, my lessons are student-centred, so you feel comfortable during the our classes. Finally, it is a great deal from financial point of view as prices are really affordable and a generous discount of 50 USD is offered for those who purchase 10 hours of lessons in advance. Interested? Then do not hesitate to contact me on the ICC or by e-mail. English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.



WGM Myroslava Hrabinska

Myroslava Hrabinska.  I offer you live communication via Skype in good English.  Before starting lessons I will analyze your games and instruct you about main directions of your improvement.  1 hour lesson- 25 chekels, 2hour - 40chekels!!  Contact me


WGM Kateryna Areshchenko

Hello! If you want to improve your chess level, just contact me. If you become my student, I'll do my best to help you become stronger chess player. And it doesn't matter whether you are just a beginner or have some chess experience - I will analyze your games and find the aspects you have to improve, and we will study them. About me in chess: I started playing chess when I was 7. In 2002, I won WIM title; in 2007, I got WGM. I also became a Ukrainian champion among girls under 18. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and English. Contact me via email


GM Ibro Saric

Hello everyone! I am Grandmaster Ibro Saric. I come from Bosnia & Herzegovina. My FIDE rating is 2562. I am offering quality chess lessons using Skype. I have been teaching chess for quite some time and my experience tells me that many people try to study with chess engines, memorising opening lines a lot, but they neglect the most important thing - working on strategy, prophylactic thinking, and endgames. If you decide to take my lessons, I will make sure that your understanding of chess in general becomes much better. I charge 30$ per lesson. Discount is possible if student takes more lessons per week.


FM Jovic Stanoje

Hello, I am Jovic Stanoje, FM from Serbia. More then 15 years of teaching experience. I am offering good lessons, 10 chekels per hour. Available for training games!
Email at


WGM Vita Kryvoruchko

Hi!:)I am Vita Kryvoruchko ( Chulivska ).
I love God, my husband, family, friends and I'll love you, as my student!:) Besides I love chess! You can study openings, typical ideas of middlegame and whatever you want with me. We can play chess with any control and analyze your games.
I give lessons in English and Russian for $30/hr.
You can read more information about me
Contact me at, because I am the Best of the best of the best!:)



WFM Jelena Arsovic

Hello, my name is Jelena Arsovic, WFM from Serbia (with 2 WIM norms) and official ICC vendor. I have teaching experience for players of any level and age with specializing in the early development of chess skills. If you like to improve your chess knowledge, please, contact me at


IM Zoran Arsovic

Zoran Arsovic, ( ICC-zolan ) International Master from Serbia. Long-term professional player, trainer and captain of national young team of Serbia. Experience with different level of players from beginners till top players. Price,50$ per hour.

If interested, email me


GM Jonathan Speelman

Jon Speelman 3 times British Champion, twice a World Championship Candidate and at my peak in the top ten (4th in January 1989). I've twice been a second at a world championship match - for Nigel Short and Viswanathan Anand at their matches v Garry Kasparov in London 1993 and New York 1995. And recently became a FIDE Senior Trainer when I captained the England Women's team at the European Team Championship in Reykjavik. I specialise in analysing players' own games with them or working on typical middlegames and endgames. If you're set on snappy opening analysis, I'll have ideas about any position but you may want to look elsewhere for a specialist. $75 per hour or $120 for a two hour session or two one hour sessions per week.


IM Ruslan Kashtanov

IM Kashtanov Ruslan from St-Petersburg,Russia.  Professional coach since 1997. Coach of world wide famous Pioneer palace in St-Petersburg,FIDE Trainer.  I'm offer structured lessons in fluent english and training games with analysis. Homework in CBH-file after each lesson.  Write me to for details.


IM Erik Kislik

My name is Erik Kislik. I am a 27-year-old international master from California. My peak USCF rating is 2500 and my peak FIDE rating is 2432. My story in chess is a little bit unusual because of its rarity. I was unrated at age 20 and ended up becoming an international master within just 3 years. During that time, I was studying chess very seriously with an organized and methodical training schedule. A lot of the insights and conclusions I came to from improving in such a rapid amount of time are fundamental aspects of my chess philosophy and teaching approach. Currently, I am the only coach that is the full-time coach of 3 players rated approximately 2650 FIDE and above. I believe it would be worthwhile for you to send me an email ( with your thoughts or concerns about chess improvement even if you are unsure if you want lessons. I doubt there is a better objective source out there for your concerns. My first book will be published in December 2015 by Gambit Books, and will address practically every aspect of chess improvement that one can think of.


GM Gilberto Hernandez

GM Gilberto Hernandez, Elo 2519.
Currently living in San Luis, Argentina Four times Mexican champion. More than 12 years as a highest elo in Mexico. My experience as a coach includes working with Anand and Vallejo in their preparation for tournaments.
Feel free to contact me at or leave me a message here(ICC Username: Hernandez).
I offer chess classes in english or spanish , $30 Chekels (dollars) an hour.
Ofrezco clases de ajedrez en ingles o español a $30 dls x hora.



GM Gadir Guseinov

Little about me: Gadir Guseinov Grandmaster from Land of Fire, Azerbaijan. Fide rated 2616 (highest 2667 in 2009) Grandmaster since 2002. Member of Azerbaijan national team since 2002. Won 3 medals with Azerbaijan national team in European Team Championships, 2007 bronze, 2009, gold, 2011 silver. Online coaching since 2002. I give online private lessons at reasonable rates in ICC. Lesson prices:
1 hour - $40
2 hours - $75
5 hours - $175
10 hours - $300
If, you are interested to play blitz or standard games with brief analysis.
1 hour games price only: $30
If you are interested,feel free to message me in ICC or contact via email: Good Luck!


IM Artem Smirnov

Hello, my name is Artem Smirnov, IM from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I have more than 4 years of live and online coaching experience. I worked 3 years in the sport chess school as a coach on the regular basis. Together we can impove different aspects of your play in the opening, middlegame and endgame. In the opening my main specializations are 1.D4 (main lines and Trompowsky), Sicilian on E4 and Nimzo-Indian on D4. Available for lessons and games with analysis.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me on my e-mail :


GM Andrey Sumets

Hello! I am Andrey Sumets, a professional chessplayer and coach, my biggest FIDE elo is 2640. In openings my specialization is Caro-Kann and French Defence on e4 and Slav Defence and Nimzowitsch on d4. You can find my articles about this openings in New in Chess, Chessbase Magazine, I'm available for private lessons and training games with analyses. I've been working with strong GMs and with beginners. Homework is provided. Prices are affordable. 
1 hour - 35$ and 30$ if you purchase 10 hours of lessons in advance.  
If you are interested in playing blitz or standard games with brief analysis.1 hour games price is 30$. For more information contact me at I can speak English, French, Russian, Ukrainian.


IM Marcin Krysztofiak

IM Marcin Krysztofiak, official ICC vendor since 2010.

Here is a brief description of my coaching method (for more details, please contact me). I begin with analysing your games and then based on this material we work on your weaknesses. Besides that, I give advice on how to study chess on your own. Available for training games as well. 

If you are interested, send me a message. Email:


GM Levan Aroshidze

GM Levan Aroshidze from Georgia, FIDE rating 2565. Chess lessons in English, Spanish and Russian.  I combine active playing and teaching. My methodical aproach includes explanation of the subject, showing best examples and follow up. Individual program for every student. Each lesson includes: Material of the day + homework.
Audio lessons $40 per hour. For regular students discounts are possible. For more information and contact - finger LordProtector or e-mail: or


IM Valeri Lilov

IM Valeri Lilov, 2443.  Professional Coach with many years of experience and a lot of students from around the world. I offer online chess lessons in English and have established an online chess school for this purpose. If you want to be a really strong player, then all you have to do is to check my website at and become my student. My e-mail is


WIM Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic

Hello, Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic, WIM from Serbia. For beginners, I charge 15 chekels per hour. First lesson - 10 chekels. Also available for training games and analysis.
For more information contact me on ICC or at


CM Dan Heisman

NM/CM Dan Heisman, 6-time CJA winner “Best Instruction”. FIDE 2285; ( Full-time instructor since 1996, specialities: thought process, time management; Author “Novice Nook” column on how to improve at Chess Cafe, 11 chess books including "The Improving Chess Thinker" and "A Guide to Chess Improvement". “Q&A with Coach Heisman” web TV show. 250+ Chess.FM “Improve Your Chess” Videos; Sr, USCF Top Jr discounts. Will phone US/Canada; Skype others. Audio Available
More at website; email" 


GM Valeriy Aveskulov

Hello everyone!
Valeriy Aveskulov is at your service! I am the champion of Ukraine-2007 that is my main player achievement. I stopped active playing in 2009 and have been coaching online from 2008.
Visit and read what my students think about my classes; what my rates are; see my best games and contact to me via to get an agreement about time of the first lesson!.


IM Wm.Paschall

International Master William Paschall (Mrserious) Experienced teacher, commentator and video lecturer. 20 Years teaching and training in chess. 2 Time Massachusetts State Champ / 3 Time New England Champ. Thousands of hours of private lessons and video/live commentary experience. Study chess in English with a clear and natural communicator!


WGM Irina Sudakova

Hello! :) I am WGM Irina Sudakova. I can play sparring games with you with any time control up to two hours and I give lessons in English or Russian. 25$/hour, 35$/90 min, 40$/120 min


GM Sergey Volkov

GM Volkov Sergey from Russia .Champion of Russia - 2000!  I won 3rd place at EURO -2008 and in 2002. Fide rating on 01.01.07 2659!  I HAVE BEEN A VENDOR HERE AT ICC SINCE 2000. I offer lessons for 50 chekels an hour. I am also available for blitz and short analysis.
For more information "finger Volkov" e-mail: or message volkov on ICC.


IM Hugh O Donnell

Tom O'Donnell (Canada) 30 chekels/hr. Taught chess 20+ years for 800 - 2200. Focus on middlegame strategy/tactics, thinking techniques to find moves/plans. Correctly applying what information you have rather than learning a bunch of new stuff you can't use is key. Message me if interested.


WIM Biljana Dekic

Biljana Dekic WIM (ICC-biki) member of the Australian Women’s Team in 12 Olympic Games and in the 1st Mind Games held in Beijing. Represented Australia in the five zonal tournaments. Available for chess lessons and training games with analysis (Blitz, Rapid). Lessons include all aspects of chess game, both for beginners and advanced levels. Specialty tailored development programs including reference materials. Classes are available in English and Serbian. Contact email:


WIM Gordana Markovic

I am Gordana Markovic, WIM and a certified Fide Instructor. I am also a former national Champion and a member of the Olympic team which won a bronze medal. I can help you understand chess better and improve your skills within chess strategy, tactics or typical endgames. I offer lessons at very reasonable rates, $25, and discounts for beginners.
You can contact me on email:


GM Sergey Zablotsky

Hi! I am Sergey Zablotsky, Grandmaster (2518 FIDE) from Siberia! I work as chess coach in my real life since 2007. I have IT diploma and teaching degree. Specialized on beginning and intermediate level. My first principle is learning can't be bored. If you have sense of humor - you are welcome! I charge 30$ per hour.
If you are interested, email me on:
PS Yes, I have discounts for regular students. No, I didn't drink vodka with polar bear...(and I am n't sorry about it:))


WGM Dembo Yelena

Offer private lessons using Skype.  Have a special collection of more than 40000 instructive middlegame and endgame positions and a large collection of theoretical material. Speak English, Russian. Have published six books! For more info: and


WGM Zozulia Anna

Hello! I am Anna Zozulia, WGM,IM world champion girls U16.  I have a quite long teaching experience for players of any level and age. If you want to improve, learn and have a nice time just contact me. I can give the lessons in English and Russian languages. 25$ per hour, discounts for regular students.  Email:


WGM Ana Benderac

Hi, I'm Ana Benderac , WGM from Serbia . National youth coach . Also available for training games and analysis . For more information please contact me at: Cost is $ 20 for 1 hour.


IM Jean Hebert

Jean Hebert, also postal GM with decades of coaching experience from beginners up to future GM players. I will help you understand chess better but first of all to understand yourself better through analysis of your games and practice games. I teach in english et en français. E-mail :


GM Gregory Kaidanov

The highest rated US player between 2002-2004(2745 USCF).  1 hour=$100.  My lessons are more expensive than other vendors, but with more insight you actually save time and money. That's not my claim, that's what my students are saying.  Visit, e-mail


IM Jonathan Schroer

scholastic coach and former Program Director of the Emory-Atlanta Castle Chess Camp. Jonathan has been giving ICC/phone lessons (individual and group) since 1995. Schroer students typically enjoy rapid and sustained improvement. For details, message Schroer or "finger Schroer". E-mail:


GM Pablo Ricardi

GM Pablo Ricardi.
FIVE ARGENTINE CHAMPIOSHIPS. TEN CHESS OLYMPIADS. Some of my students who have reached International Titles are GM Spangenberg, WGM C.Lujin and WIM E. Maggiolo. For chess classes, training or simuls e-mail My fees: 40 chekels per hour.


GM Igor-Alexander Nataf

I am a 38 years old Grandmaster from Paris, France and my current FIDE Rating at 01-02-2017 is 2535Elo (Best rating was 2598 some years ago)

Member of French Olympic team in 2000 (Istambul) and 2004 (Palma de Mallorca)
Winner of Numerous International tournaments in Europe (Reykjavik, Montecatini Terme,Den Haag, Andorra,etc.)
Coach/Second since 13 years of an Elite Grandmaster (top 20 in the world, rating 2750 Fide+)
In January 2017, my 15 years old Student (girl) became WIM and won Oceania Zonal, so she qualified for next world cup in Tbilisi 2017.
I can help you in various chess area from general play (to solve practical problems that you may encounter on the board, like Zeitnot, spoiling winning positions ,etc...) or more specifical ones (repairing openings, building a repetoire adapted to YOUR style , strategical training, etc... )
My rates are quite reasonable : I charge 40 USD for a single hour and 70 Dollars for a 2 hours (in a row) lesson
You can contact me at


IM Javier Gil Capap

International Master Javier Gil (AU).  Professional chess coach. Over 15 years of on-line coaching experience.  What makes me different from other coaches:
- You get a 100% original Study file for *ALL* our lessons. <br/>- Individual Forum Support. You get *ALL* your questions answered on a private forum that only you and the coach can read.  - On-line tests to check your progress.  Superb game annotation (Providing full strategy comments, highlighting your weaknesses, etc. not just highlighting the tactical errors: any chess engine can do that!).  Fair rates. Check my website at"for more info.


GM Bartosz Socko

GM Bartosz Socko. Champion of Poland 2008 and 2013. Available for lessons (openings, strategy, endgames), training games and analysis. I beliveve the most important in chess training is to analize your own games. I can help you to find the weaknesses in your play and eliminate them. Message me or email me ( if you want to know more. For regular students (more than 3 lessons) the rate is 60$/h. 


FM Alex Dunne

Alex Dunne, chess teacher, author, columnist, USCF Life Master, Postal Master, 20 + years experience teaching juniors and adults at Castle Chess Camp.
$40 an hour: games, analysis -- for details,


GM H.James Plaskett

GM James Plaskett, British Champion 1990, Lessons and tuition. Blitz game with brief following analysis, 5 chekels each. Other services also, Message me or e-mail at;Also I am on Facebook.


FM Ryan Harper

I am FM Ryan Harper from Trinidad and Tobago. I am very reasonable and have a lot of very satisfied students. I can teach Slav defense against of d4. I can also teach how to play The Sicilian Dragon (of which I am a pro). I can show how to play as well, The English Attack and Classical Be2 against Najdorf. With e4 I specialize in the Italian Game against e5. I am capable of showing many interesting openings against various defenses. My main area of coaching is in the middle game and endgames for which I tailor programs specific to the students. I coach and have coached a number of Champions in my country as well. I am 6 time National Champion in my Country. I have been coaching professionally for twelve years. I charge 20 chekels per hour. However, I prefer to do TWO hours sessions at 40 chekels per session. Message me for info.


GM Bong Villamayor

GM Bong Villamayor from the Philippines.
Retired from active play. Coached and developed aspiring talents for more than 20 years...many have attained their GM, WGM, IM, FM titles.
Offering structured lessons with training programs complete with emailed homework. Orientation and game diagnostics of strengths and weaknesses. One's games is the best source of lessons! A thorough analysis of one's games gives an insight on how you think. Specialising on Rook Endgames. You want to improve yor endgames, I am your guy!
Rate arrangements and packages are welcomed! Former Training Director of National Chess Academy of the Philippines; Former Singapore National Coach 2001-2002 & Senior Trainer Intchess ASEAN Chess Academy; 2000 ASEAN Zone Champion; 2000 Candidate World Championships, New Delhi India, 1986 World Junior Blitz Champion; 6x World Chess Olympiad participant; Double gold medal 2003 Vietnam SEA Games. (Formulated the national blue print for the grassroots program.
Conducted seminars and chess courses throughout the country in cooperation with the Philippine Sports Commission and The Office of the President. In 2002, he created Philippines 5-year Developmental Program and Curriculum for chess.
GM Bong has worked closely with principals and teachers of the Department of Education to conduct lectures and seminars. In 2004, because of his work GM Bong was nominated as one of the Ten Outstanding Men of Philippines.) Presently Training Director of Chesskidz LLP Singapore (


FM Mark Ritter

FM/Senior Master Mark Ritter. Lessons (40 chekels/hr)include games analysis & proven Master Method for increasing tactical vision & minimizing blunders! I focus on PRACTICAL CHESS UNDERSTANDING - not endless theory and variations. For more info (including references), e-mail me at:


GM Vadim Milov

GM Vadim Milov.  Winner of many international tournaments. Highest Elo 2705 (2008).  Have a big training experience on different levels, from the beginners to the very top players. Available for lessons, training games etc.  Email: Fee: 60 chekels/hour.


IM Michael Rahal

IM Michael Rahal. "finger mikerahal". Avalaible for lessons in English and Spanish. Check out my chess videos Youtube.


IM Alexander Belezky

IM Alexander Belezky


GM Alexis Gianko Cabrera Pino

Hi! I am Alexis Cabrera from Spain, Professional coach. I give private lessons to anybody who SERIOUSLY wants to improve his game. Rate: $30/hour. More than 12 years experience and a lot of Spanish champions in my career.  Hola si quieres progresar y mejorar tu ajedrez contactame. Ofrezco 15 min gratis de charla para que conozcas mi modelo de entrenamiento.


GM Petr Kiriakov

GM Petr Kiriakov,Russia.  I charge $40 per hour for my lessons. Standard game 30 10 with analysis is $20


GM Alexander Kochyev

GM Alexander Kochyev. Lessons in English for 50 chekels/hour. Discounts for long-term courses. Blitz and post-mortem analysis. "finger Kochyev" for more info about my current pupils and myself.


IM Denis Salinnikov
IM Denis Salinnikov, Russia. Online lessons since 2001, 25$ per hour. Serious discounts for constant students.

WIM Elmira Alieva

Alieva Elmira WIM from Baku, Azerbaijan.
13 times Azerbaijan Champion. About 30 years of chess coaching with players of all levels(GMs and IMs).
I will find your weaknesses and show you how to improve.
I am also available for blitz and analysis. Prices are reasonable.


GM Andrey Devyatkin

Grand Master Andrey Deviatkin, Russia, FIDE rating 2588 (best - 2608 in October 2009).
More than 5 years of coaching experience. One of my students is GM Nikolay Chadaev, twice Moscow Champion.
I offer lessons via ICC/Skype in English (1 hour = $40) and training games with possible post-mortem analysis (price upon agreement). Discounts can be made in some cases.


GM Reinaldo Vera

I am Reinaldo Vera, GM since 1988 and I have taken part in 10 chess Olympiads (gold medal in Kalmikia 98). I am FIde Senior Trainer. I offer lessons about hours from rookies to IM. For more info check my notes or send me an ICC message.


IM Attila Turzo

Hello! Would you like to improve your chess? International Master Attila Turzo is at your service.
If you need more information please send me an email at! Thank you.


GM Grivas Efstratios

GM-FST-IA-IO and highly experienced chess trainer and chess author (more than 20 books).  4th in the WJC 1985 - Gold medal 1989 ETC & Silver medal 1998 Olympiad. Winner of Boleslavsky Medal (best author) for 2009. Head Trainer of Turkish Men Team - have prepared more than 7 GMs and various IMs. Check at and mail me at Per hour 50 euros.


GM Kosanovic Goran

I have been chess trainer for 20 years. with FIDE trainer certificate. My students have become GM,IM etc.If you are interested in chess lessons,game analysis or to play with me, please contact me trhrough For more info go to finger Kosanovic.


Konstantin Kosteniuk

My name is Konstantin Kosteniuk and I am the father, and first trainer of the Woman Vice World Chess Champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.
I give lessons for 25 chekels/hour. You can read more about me at
You can message me for more information.


GM Misa Pap

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY CHESS BETTER? Take lessons from me, and you will improve! I made 15 Rpfm 2600+ (FIDE) and counting... I'm experienced GM and chess coach. I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching chess over the board and on the internet. I had many students from all around the world...Please "finger PapMisa". 


WGM Ana Matnadze

Ana Matnadze - WGM and IM;1 GM norm. 5 t. European and 2 time World Champion U10,12,14 and 16; European Womens Blitz Ch; Georgian Mens Champion 2002 Many times Winner of Catalonian Circuit (Women and Clubs). Originally from Georgia, living in Barcelona, Spain. More info in my finger. Offers lessons for 50 chekels per hour. Send an e-mail or just leave a mess if interested.


IM Zoran Petronijevic

Hi! I`m Zoran Petronijevic IM FIDE elo 2405.
Experienced teacher for all levels. Opening repertoire, improving analysis skills, positional judgement.
$25/hr, $40/2hr. Discounts possible. Games for checkels.
Checking current level for free! "finger zoranp"


FM Dennis Monokroussos

Dennis Monokroussos, FIDE Master.
Why me? I'm self-taught, have 20 years' experience, have coached a national championship scholastic team and a world junior championship participant. English is my first language.
More? I love the game (see my website:, love to teach, and have lots of great and crazy opening ideas to make the game fun...and dangerous for your opponents.


GM Suat Atalik

Hi, this is GM Suat Atalik, winner of many international opens and closed GM tournaments. I have many years of experience in coaching on World and European championship levels.  Rate is 50$ per hour. Contact me on


FM Dragan Drasko

Hello dear chess Friends! My name is Dragan Drasko. I am FIDE Master with more than 7 years of experience as professional chess coach. I am offering lessons at very reasonable rates.  Contact me on ICC or at email  I am giving discount for long term students.


IM Alex Kundin

Hi there! I am an IM and a former Europe youth champion Alex Kundin. A few of my lectures / webinars can be seen here:
I have wide experience in teaching chess to all levels and ages on-line and in real life. Also I firmly believe in individual approach to each player and try to focus on and improve one's weaknesses, mainly through analyzing his/her games and learning from his/her mistakes. Of course, other aspects of the player's game are also improved upon necessity. Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.


WIM Olga Vasiliev

WIM Olga Vasiliev from Israel
Twice Israeli champion for women and a member of the national olympic team since 2003.
Available for online lessons in English and Russian and training games with analysis.
Contact me on for details or pm on icc.


William Stewart

Will Stewart.  Online Chess Coach - - Want to beat your dad or win chess tournaments? My years of experience can help you rapidly improve. I turn beginners into chess masters. Bio:  $5 1st class, then $34/hr (ICC only). Blog:


IM Ilgar Badjarani

I have worked as a coach for 30 years.
Some of my students are: GM Bagirov R, GM Safarli E. World and Europe youth champion. My son, GM Ulvi Bajarani took some medals in world and Europe youth.
Rate -30 $/h


GM Fernando Peralta

G.M. Fernando Peralta. Puedes contactarme dejando un mensaje o por e-mail


GM Kasparov Sergey

Kasparov Sergey ( Belarus GM , ELO ~ 2470-2500 ). Available for online lessons and blitz games at very reasonable rates. Private lessons, standard games with brief analysis. Blitz games 3/0 are 2 chekels.


IM Garun Nureev
I graduated from a chess department in Moscow. Personal programme: creative openings and strategical basis, tactics. I am also an aikido instructor. So, in my coaching i use some of Martial Arts principles. And final aspect is psychology. My rate is 25 chekels per hour.

GM Dusan Popovic

GM Dusan Popovic, FIDE elo 2568 (august 2013).  I offer lessons and training games at very reasonable price! Opening repertoire, opening plans, strategy and tactics. Believe me it is worth to be my student!  Email or check finger plamkasidi


FM Salim Fazulyanov

Hello, my name is Salim Fazulyanov.
I am MASTER FIDE (FM) I am professional chess player and a professional coach! Available for lessons and training games.Prices are very resonable.<br >If you are interested please message me on ICC or send me e-mail:



FM Jari Jarvenpaa

FM Jari Jarvenpaa from Finland.
1 IM norm and e.g. win of GM Sarunas, around 2600. I have 2 years of experience on teaching, I have studied openings 17 years and read psychology in university. I play practise games, analyse your games and tell how to improve your playing style.
My fee:20$/hour,1st hour is free.
More details, "finger NFork" or


GM Amador Rodriguez

Amador Rodriguez Cespedes. "finger gmamador". Cuban Grandmaster established in Spain for nearly 20 years. Extensive professional coaching experience at all levels. To highlight 5 years as trainer of Peter Leko that led him to the doors of the world championship. Through my lessons I intend to increase the strategic level of my students, strengthen their theoretical knowledge if necessary but above all, my goal is always to improve their Chess understanding so that they are able to play better day after day. Classes are available in English and Spanish.


GM Damian Lemos

GM Damian Lemos. Opening preparation, middlegame and endgames. I also play training games. Lessons in English- Clases en Espanol. Skype 


IM Miodrag Perunovic

IM Miodrag Perunovic, lesson/$50 hour. Lessons are in English and French! More than 450 students! Best students: GM Alexander Ipatov - World Junior champion! (2012), WIM Qiyu Zhou - World Youth champion U14! (2014), GM Eric Hansen - World Vice champ U16, World Cup qualifier 2011, 2013, GM Milan Zajic - World Vice champion U14 (2013), GM Denis Kadric, IM Richard Wang - World 2-nd U12, World 3-rd U14 (2012), IM James Adair, IM Vladimir Lukovic, IM Dusan Radovanovic... Feel Free to contact me by e-mail: visit


IM Vladimir Grabinsky

Vladimir Grabinsky, the coach of Ukrainian youth team.  I have education of chess coaching. I started with beginners and made 10(!) of them GMs (Volokitin).  Read more on  I'll teach you to play openings, calculate variations to finish games before endgame. $40/hr, $70/2hr. Contact me


IM Dagur Arngrimsson

IM Dagur Arngrimsson from Iceland ( 1 GM norm). I´m available for lessons and have been teaching chess for years in schools in Iceland and on the internet. I´m not like many other coaches on the internet that throw some puzzles at you in the lesson while drinking coffee. I will work hard giving you the best lessons that are customized to your needs and will help you improve your game. That means you will have to work hard as well. For 35 $ per hour or 50$ per 2 hours or 275$ for 10 hours I will take you to the next level. Contact me on ICC (handle denuzio) or by mail Looking forward hearing from you!


GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

GM Yaroslav Zherebukh, 2700+ USCF, 2600+ FIDE.  I offer chess lessons for beginners and experts. Individual approach to every student.
For further information and rates, email me at


IM Daniel Tapia

Daniel Tapia (IM). If you want to know about me and my methods, visit my Web Site,, or my YouTube Channel


GM Oleksienko Mikhailo

Hello! My name is Oleksiyenko Mykhaylo, GM, ELO 2638 (01.07.2015), Ukraine. I got my doctorate in mathematics in 2012. I play chess myself so I might not be available during my own tournaments. I give lessons via Skype in English for 50$/1 hour. You can contact me


IM Zdenko Stupavsky

Greetings, IM Stupavsky at your service.
I offer game analysis, opening lessons and training games, but this can easily expand to decoding middlegames, pawn structures, planning, and so forth. Many satisfied students, more then 1 year of experience in coaching.
Fluent in English and ex-YU languages. Teaching material is provided in the CBH format.
Game analysis - 25$/h, everything else - $30/h


GM Ruslan Pogorelov

GM Ruslan Pogorelov, winner of more than 30 international tournaments. I am a professional licensed chess coach. I give lessons online in Spanish, English and Russian, for 25$/hour. GM Ruslan Pogorelov, ganador de mas de 30 torneos internacionales. Soy entrenador profesional, diplomado. Doy clases online en espanol, ingles y ruso, por $25 / hora. E-mail -


FM Kevin Trujillo

I like to create working plans to improve my students' chess more effectively.
Lessons in English and Spanish for 25 checkels per hour. ;For more information, contact me at or finger kevinice. Useful information about my teaching at


FM Carl Boor


IM Petrisor Adrian

My name is Petrisor Adrian, Romania.
My rating is 2395 at this moment (2408 once), I am 20 years old.
I offer individual lessons , 25$ =1hour !
You can contact me at this email address:, or you can write to me on ICC (username Adiadi92). I can explain strategic positions, openings and tactical positions as well.
Available for lessons, training games and analysis.


FM Alberto Chueca

I'm Alberto Chueca, 24 years old, youth chess player and architect student. I'm the founder of ChessRecipes where I work with the best top players offering their own bases. I'm Fide Master and I have 2315 FIDE rating. I offer chess lessons in Spanish or English. The price is 23$ per hour. I have had much experience in national championships. We can analyze your games, detect your main mistakes and correct them. We can train openings, middle-game and endgames. Improve your chess quickly!



GM John Fedorowicz

GM John Fedorowicz available for lessons via Skype, phone, in person (NYC residents)
Email for rates. Deep study of all phases of the game. All ages and ratings welcome. Less expensive than Kaidanov and just as good!


GM Maxim Dlugy

International Grandmaster, Former Junior Champion and one of the top blitz players in the world for many years is back in chess! I am looking for a select number of private students whom I could pass the knowledge I have been gathering for many years. Focus would be on openings, strategy and ability to play chess faster than you have ever played before. I have worked with both Kasparov and Karpov and have the experience to improve a player of any strength. Online lessons via ICC or Skype.
Contact me at for more details.


IM Zoran Ilic

I am Zoran Ilic, experienced IM from Serbia. Player, chess writer, respected theoretician and trainer for all levels. Winner of several strong open and round robin tournaments. At the Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad 1990, and European Championship in Georgia 1999 I was the chief trainer of the Yugoslav national team.
Teach all phases and topics - openings, middlegame, endgame, tactic, positional play. Give useful advices on competitive chess psychology. By combining classical and modern methods, my students acquire valuable skills, discover and remove their weaknesses and improve thinking process. Individual approach and full dedication. Teach you in an effective way to build up or expand a reliable, dynamic repertoire. I am available for online audio lessons via Skype in English. Ready to share with you a lot of valuable chess material (e-books, files, analyses...) for free. Lessons at reasonable rate - 20$/hr. For more info:


FM Radovan Damnjanovic
Youth Chess Coach - FREE Trial lesson Radovan Damnjanovic, FIDE Master and experienced coach. I work exclusively with young players - 12 years and younger. During the lessons I interact with the student and teaching them strategic thinking, logic, patience! Student will learn how strong players think in particular positions or particular situation. We will learn the opening, middle game, endgames; all with a lot of examples, questions/answers, practice. After the lesson, the student will get exercises related to the lesson as homework. My price is $10 for 45 minutes, $15 for an hour. In addition, I give a trial lesson for free. For more details and availability contact me at


IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

Boroljub Zlatanovic, Serbia, IM, Certified FIDE Trainer, official ICC vendor, professional and experienced coach. Want to improve your endgame, learn strategy, sharpen tactic sense, expand repertoire? I'll help You! I have started coaching in 2000... You are at right place! Get professional audio lessons on English and Russian! Welcome, everyone! Find more on link: Contact me,


IM Sergio Minero

I am International Master Sergio Minero from Costa Rica. I have over 20 years of chess coaching experience and I am a member of Costa Rica Chess Olympic team, I offer lessons for 30 chekels 1 hour. I am also available for blitz games.
Soy entrenador de ajedrez oficial en ICC, podemos entrenar ajedrez juntos, analizar partidas, estudiar aperturas, además te puedo recomendar un plan de entrenamiento que se ajuste a tus necesidades.Podemos usar Skype+ ICC
Price: $30 1 hour.


GM Nikola Sedlak

Hi, my name is GM Nikola Sedlak. I am available for lessons and training games. I can teach you anything you need in order to improve your chess. Prices are affordable. Message me on ICC or send me mail to


IM Jose Gascon

Ofrezco clases particulares en espanol . Utilizo el metodo de la escuela rusa que esta basado en analizar tus partidas para identificar los errores y corregirlos. si quieres mejorar contactame! Clase de 1 hora = 20 USD. Clase de 2 horas = 35 USD


WGM Andjelija Stojanovic

Hello! I am Andjelija Stojanovic, Woman Grandmaster and FIDE Trainer from Serbia, professional chess player, national team member and three times national Champion. I am available for chess lessons and training games with analysis (Blitz, Rapid or as agreed). You can contact me at

I will be happy to help you improve your chess!


GM Nikola Nestorovic

Hello! Nikola Nestorovic, GM, FIDE ELO 2492. I made a chess program for all types of players, but I always mix some things, depends of chess knowledge of my students. I have a chess school in Serbia with a lot of successful students, details on I am member of one of the strongest chess families so I know how to work on chess!

Feel free to contact me on ICC or Price is very affordable!


WGM Natasa Bojkovic

Natasa Bojkovic –WGM, IM and FIDE Trainer; former World Junior Champion U20 and European Women's Blitz Champion; currently the leading board of Serbian Women's Olympic team. Lessons may include all aspects of chess game, both for beginners and advanced levels. The training games are also possible.
You can contact me on email:


IM Michael Brooks

I offer sparring for 60.00 an hour. We can work on your openings together. I will tell you what you are doing right or wrong. I also offer simul for you and your friends. Price will depend on number of games and time control.


WGM Anastasia Gutsko

Hello! Do you want to make a rational choice while choosing the chess coach for you or your kids? I can help you! A lot of people commit a typical mistake relying too much on rating of your potential coach. Very high rating means very little in the coaching skills. If you are an under 2000 FIDE-player you can save money using my services. I am an experienced chess coach able to find and fix gaps in your chess. English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.
Contact me via


GM Nikolay Chadaev

GM Nikolay Chadaev, Russia, FIDE rating 2591. Twice Moscow Champion (2010, 2011). Tied for 10th place with Boris Gelfand at the 2012 World Blitz Championship in Astana. I offer chess lessons in English via ICC and Skype. The rate is 35$ per hour. I've been coaching players of various levels/age for longer than 5 years.

For more info, please contact me:


FM Terry Song

Canadian FM with 1 IM norm. Very active competitive player with over 1 year of coaching experience. I can help students improve their opening knowledge, middlegame play, and navigate the complexities of the endgame. I will also analyze all tournament games. We will be doing many puzzles and I will give homework after each lesson.

If you want to improve your play and have fun, please send me an email:

Lessons are $35/hour.


GM Ivan Ivanisevic

Hello, I am Ivanisevic Ivan, GM from Serbia, current rating 2650(peak 2664). Four times champion of Serbia, winner of many open tournaments, among them Saint Petersburg 2014 and Zalakaros 2016. Qualified and played World Cup 2011. Co-author of book Taimanov Bible which came out in 2016. Available at rate 70$-hour. Email you can write me


GM Mikhail Mozharov

GM Mikhail Mozharov. Teaching experience with beginners and advanced players for 4 years also have experience of opening support to GMs (2600+) contact:


GM Milos Pavlovic

I am official Fide Trainer also I was Yugoslav Champion, member and trainer of national team. Also for couple of years I was a trainer of GM Radjabov during Candidates, World Cup, and other big events, I also worked with very strong women Grandmasters such as Jovanka Houska , Natasa Bojkovic, Marija Manakova, and many others. Currently I am writing books and just now my new book (fifth) is out “’New weapons in the Kings Indian”’ You can see more about me on my website where you can contact me. My ICC handle is Misa


IM Vitaly Neimer

My name is Vitaly Neimer, I am an International Chess Master with more than 20 years of experience playing chess. I am also a FIDE Certified trainer with more than 10 years of experience teaching. I taught hundreds of satisfied students around the world to play chess with critical thinking, love, and enjoyment. I offer an innovative training program to help you learn fast and become a better player. My success comes from combining a carefully designed dynamic program for different skill levels from beginner to advanced with my extensive experience teaching and playing chess. I will not only improve your chess but also show you how to train by yourself!

Online lessons available via ICC or Skype in English, Russian, or Hebrew. Contact me at: for more details


GM Eltaj Safarli

GM Eltaj Safarli. Fide rating 2680 (02.01.2017). I was twice European and one time World Champion (youth category) Winner of Azerbaijan Championship (twice). Winner of gold medal with my national team in European Team Championship 2013, Silver medalist in 2011. Winner of various open tournaments. Member of Olympic National team. I am professional chess player and coach. Offering online chess lessons. I believe the most important in chess training is to analyze your own games. I can help you to find the weaknesses in your play and eliminate them.
I am available for private lessons and training games at reasonable rates: 1 hour - $50 , 5 hours - $200, 10 hours - $350. Training games with brief analysis: 1 hour - $40, 10 hours - $300. Contact me at: for more details



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