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Members & Activities :: Teachers

TeachersICC provides you with access to the greatest chess instructors regardless of your geographic location. Instructors are world-class players who have been screened by ICC and have undertaken to provide you with the best experience according to ICC guidelines.

Visit the Teacher's section to find a teacher!
In the teacher's section, you can sort by teacher ranking, read reviews and much more!
Try different teachers until you find the one you like best.

Note that if you take lessons from non-vendors (people not on this list), it is completely at your own risk. ICC does not guarantee the identity of non-vendors, or help with problems related to payments and quality of lessons involving non-vendors.

ICC requires non-vendors who are offering lessons to put this in their finger notes: ICC requires me to state that I am not an official vendor, and you should read the third paragraph in "help Services".

Active ICC Teachers:

GM: Grandmaster    IM: International Master    WGM: Woman Grandmaster
WIM: Woman International Master    FM: FIDE Master    NM: USCF National Master

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