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ICC News Item #743

NEWS 743 (12-Aug-97)Next Previous
KillerKen Wins French Winawer Thematic!

Class players surprised their higher-rated opponents by dominating the
Second ICC Thematic Opening Tournament on August 9th.  ICC's KillerKen
(1678!)  won the Second ICC Thematic with a perfect 6-0 score!  Right
behind him at 5-1 were LETSGETITON (2258) and Sybox (Top under 1600,
rated 1267!!).  Finishing with 4-2 were BlackNessio (Top Class A), Gunne
(Top Class B) along with Tychicus and Tar-rash.

Prize winners win a one month extension to their ICC account.  Since no
experts finished the tournament, the 4-2 players with no class prize
split the month between them.

To see the grid of the final standings, type "tell ketchup grid 40".

Thanks to "sacman" for directing.  Do help Thematic for more info
on the monthly Thematic Tournaments.  And watch news items for the
announcement of the next tournament.
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