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ICC News Item #636

NEWS 636 (7-Apr-97)Next Previous
Winners of Tomato Blitz Tourneys April 4-6


tapir won the 8pm Friday 5 0 Tomato Blitz tournament.
Directed by Allan.  "tell Tomato grid 4316" to see the crosstable.

Isfen won the 4pm Saturday 1 0 Flash Bullet tournament.
Directed by DrAnKLe.  "tell Tomato grid 4333" to see the crosstable.

rjay won the 7pm Saturday 2 6 Tomato Blitz tournament.
Directed by DrAnKLe.  "tell Tomato grid 4335" to see the crosstable.

logibod won the 3pm Sunday 2 5 Tomato Blitz tournament.
Directed by mrwiz.  "tell Tomato grid 4357" to see the crosstable.

Scheduled tournaments are held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
by the Tomato managers in channel 46!  There is also a bullet
tournament every Saturday at 4pm run by "Flash" in channel 49.
Do help tournaments and help Tomato for more information.

Winners get their names in a news item such as this.
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