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ICC News Item #635

NEWS 635 (15-Apr-97)Next Previous
oldcoach wins April 5 ICC/WBCA Swiss!

oldcoach won the April 5 WBCA 5 Round Swiss event scoring 4.5-0.5! Danyel
came second at 4-1. oldcoach won a two week extension to his ICC account,
as did Zanzibar for best Under 1600 (tiebreaks)! Players blitzed this
event from England, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA. Play WBCA at
the 1997 National Open in Las Vegas NV on April 10! --carpathian

    Name               R1   R2   R3   R4   R5   Score  [NEW}
 1 oldcoach           +b15 +w10 +b9  =w2  +w3    4.5   2144
 2 Danyel             +w6  +b5  =w3  =b1  +w8    4.0   2184
 3 silvanus           +b14 +w4  =b2  +w7  -b1    3.5   2391
 4 smoothg            +w16 -b3  =w6  +b5  +w11   3.5   1891
 5 atlanta            +b11 -w2  +b13 -w4  +b10   3.0   1741
 6 Raindancer         -b2  +w15 =b4  =w9  +b14   3.0   1851
 7 pawnfish           -w12 +b16 +w11 -b3  +w13   3.0   1762
 8 Tim                bye  bye  +b14 +w10 -b2    3.0   2151
 9 Kamberi            bye  bye  -w1  =b6  +w15   2.5   2114
10 Zanzibar           bye  -b1  +w12 -b8  -w5    2.0   1266
11 Gordo              -w5  bye  -b7  +w14 -b4    2.0   1488
12 KingSnake          +b7  -w14 -b10 -w15 +w16   2.0   1495
13 KarateKid          bye  bye  -w5  +b16 -b7    2.0   1590
14 Deadline           -w3  +b12 -w8  -b11 -w6    1.0   1741
15 EVERTON            -w1  -b6  -w16 +b12 -b9    1.0   1686
16 Kyon               -b4  -w7  +b15 -w13 -b12   1.0   1474
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