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ICC News Item #418

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Openings Survey of the ICC database of 75,000 games!


help ECO2 for the latest Opening Survey!

The ICC database contains nearly 75,000 games as of 4/30/96. The following
is a breakdown of wins/draws/losses for White in each opening, along with 
the ECO codes that represent each listed opening. Read help search for
more information on how to explore the master database on ICC.  Thanks to
erict for collecting these statistics.

Opening name            ECO      White wins-draws-Black wins  % score for White
Alekhine                B02-05          384-149- 228            60.25%
Benko Gambit            A57-59          298- 77- 230            55.62%
Benoni Defense          A56, 60-79      368- 68- 242            59.59%
Bird's Opening          A02-03          128- 30- 130            49.65%

help ECO2 for the rest.
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