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ICC News Item #1947

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Play in ICC's January Standard Tournament - WIN PRIZES!

The 170th Standard Tournament is a 60.0 four round Swiss Tourney.
One round is played on Tuesday (January; 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th).

You may choose from one of six different sections! We run both the "Open"
and "U1500" sections at 2pm, 8pm, and 11pm (all ICC Server Time).

**(U1500 Section will not run with less than 12 players however
Players can join the Open section and All prizes will be awarded)**

Join the Fun! 1st Place and Class Prizes are awarded in each section!
Players at every level are enjoying challenging games and winning ICC
membership extensions every month.
Round 1 is Tuesday, January 4th. You only need to join once per month.

******************** To Join The Tourney ******************************
** Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your section. **
** Add The STtourney Channel to your channel list (Type: "+ch 32")   **
** You will see announcements that the Tourney is Open in Channel 32 **
** Type: "Tell Pear Join" to enter the Open Section                  **
** Type: "Tell Automato Join" to enter the U1500 Section             **

Please read the help STtourney file on ICC for the tourney rules.
You can also find more information by typing /finger STtourney while on ICC.

Por favor, consulte el apartado
/finger STtourneyEurope para informacion en espanol.

All entry and Pairings are performed by the "Pear" Bot for the Open Section
and the "Automato" Bot for the U1500 section. These Bots will also help you
start your games and collect results. A TD is available in channel 32
if you have questions or need help. 
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