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ICC News Item #1945

NEWS 1945 (15-Sep-10)Next Previous
Blitzin 2.8 is out!

We've updated our ol' faithful BlitzIn with a few useful improvements.

For starters, we've added toolbar buttons for easier access to the pools of 1, 3, 5, 15
and 45 minutes. Chess960 as well!

Blitzin will now display the pool names when you're going over your list of historical games.

Wild games are now labeled properly with their specific name, in addition to their wild number.

We've also made strides to improve compatibility between Chess960 and PGN. You can now Open,
Save and Upload your Chess960 games in PGN notation.

Finally, we've made some adjustments to improve compatibility with Windows 7.

It's our intention to continue improving Blitzin, so expect further improvements
in the near future!

The ICC team
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