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ICC News Item #1935

NEWS 1935 (26-Feb-10)Next Previous
Flexible Lag Compensation

After a listening period with members, helpers, tournament managers
and administrators, ICC has now implemented a next-generation
Flexible Lag Compensation System that is designed to protect the
vast majority of our members, while limiting the compensation
granted for excessive lag cases.

This will greatly reduce the disturbing cases where you see your
opponent's clock jump backwards after a move and should make for a
fairer and more competitive playing environment for all members on

Our team is currently monitoring what the standard rate should be
for day-to-day play on ICC - and during this period, we will be
reviewing the response from members, administrators, helpers and
tournament mangers as to what the standard day-to-day rate should
be and adjust accordingly.

However please note that allowable lag will be more strictly
limited to 300ms during  major prize tournaments in order to avoid
perceptions of unfairness to other players competing in a true
prize tournament environment.  This new lag limit of 300ms will be
in-force during the Bosna2010 ICC Qualifier (26-28 February) and
for Dos Hermanas (12-20 March).

You can send a message to "LagSuggest" to comment on the
introduction of the new Flexible Lag Compensation System.  We
gladly welcome your views (good or bad) and/or suggested
improvements on its introduction to keep ICC as the market leader
in competitive online play.
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