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ICC News Item #1934

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Bosna2010 ICC Qualifier (26-27 Feb)

The Internet Chess Club, in conjunction with the organizing committee of the
"Bosna2010" 40th Anniversary Tournament, are offering ICC members the chance
to win an exclusive round trip ticket, $350 prize money, accommodation and
automatic invite to the tournament, running 5-15 May, 2010.

The winner of this package will be determined in a two-stage blitz tournament
on ICC; the 4 qualifier tournaments running Friday 26th and Saturday 27th
February, with the 16-player knockout final to be held on Sunday, February
28th. The time control throughout the tournament will be 3,0.

The top two players from each of the four qualifiers will automatically
advance to the knockout finals; another four seats will go to the players who
score the most cumulative points over ALL qualifiers. The 12 ICC qualifiers
will be joined in the finals by 4 wildcards selected at the discretion of the
"Bosna2010" Organizing Committee.

No pre-registration is necessary for this tournament. Show up about 10
minutes before the scheduled start and type "tell pear join" or click on the
entry button in your event list. Full details of rules and playing conditions
can be found at our special Bosna2010 Qualifier page:
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