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ICC News Item #1926

NEWS 1926 (28-Aug-09)Next Previous
ICC Second Chance Offer

I'd like to thank all of you who recently renewed your ICC membership or
joined us for the first time for your strong show of support and your
understanding about our price increase. In the last few days, though, we've
heard from some people who were disappointed that they missed subscribing at
the old price for one reason or another, so we've decided to give everyone
one last chance at our best deal.

From now through the end of the day on Tuesday, September 8th, anyone may
extend an existing membership or join at the old three-year price of $149.95
(less than 14 cents a day!). On September 9th, the price will return to the
regular $179.95. Note that students may receive an extra three years--see the
payment page for details.

If you missed earlier announcements, don't miss this chance!

Joel Berez
Internet Chess Club
(frobozz on ICC)

P.S. Anyone who already paid this week for three years at the new price will
automatically receive a refund for $30 with our compliments.
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