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ICC News Item #1925

NEWS 1925 (14-Aug-09)Next Previous

I want to bring to your attention an upcoming price increase and give you an
opportunity to take advantage of the current rates before the clock runs out.
On August 24th the Internet Chess Club one-year membership will rise to
$69.95 and you have until then to join or renew at the current rates.

ICC has always been a bargain compared to many other chess activities and
online games, and will remain so.  We’ve worked hard to keep it as affordable
as possible, especially in these tough economic times, but rising costs have
made it increasingly difficult to maintain and continue to improve the
quality of service our members have always expected.

In the three years since our last price increase, ICC has:

* Dramatically upgraded and expanded our Chess.FM service, with top-notch shows
every night; live audio coverage of more major events; relays of numerous
other tournaments; top-rated Game-of-the-Day wrap-ups; professional video
stories; interviews with star players; and great prize offers.

* Partnered with major OTB tournaments to bring you online qualifiers for entry
into such well-known events as Mainz Chess 960, the Gibraltar Open, Sants,
the U.S. Championship, and even the most prestigious chess tournament in the
world, Corus!  You've also had opportunities to win free trips to such events
as the 2007 FIDE World Championship in Mexico, or to simply win big prizes in
online tournaments including our most famous long-running event, Dos

* Added a new simplified "Dasher" interface for those who prefer a more
graphical view of ICC as well as the ability to analyze games as you watch
them with top tier chess engines like Junior, while releasing several more
updates to our advanced "BlitzIn" interface with enhancements and support for
popular new server features, such as anonymous login and pstat.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed being a part of our exclusive chess
community and that we will exceed your expectations in the future.  Take this
opportunity to extend your membership at the current prices for as long as
you wish, whether at $59.95 for one more year or perhaps three more years for
only $49.98 each -- just 14 cents a day!

Check out all of the payment options now at, but be
sure to make your move before August 24th!

Joel Berez 
Internet Chess Club 
(frobozz on ICC)
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