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ICC News Item #1922

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The Mainz Attraction III

The Internet Chess Club, in conjunction with Chess Tigers, organizers
of the ever-popular annual Mainz Chess Classic in Germany, are again
offering ICC members a unique chance to play in a free online
qualifier to win 700 Euro, accommodation  and breakfast at the Hilton
Mainz Hotel by the banks of the Rhine, just one block from the
picturesque Old Town.

Like the previous two ICC champions Tigran Petrosian (2007) and Hikaru
Nakamura (2008), the winner will go on to receive an automatic seat
into two of the biggest and most prestigious series of rapid chess
tournaments in the world, playing among many of the game's top
grandmasters at the FiNet Open, the world's biggest Chess960
tournaments, and the Ordix Open, one of the biggest and strongest
rapid tournaments.

And in the evening, you will also have the best seats in the house for
the main attraction of the Grenkeleasing Rapid World Championship
featuring World Champion Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, Ian Nepomniatchi
and Arkadij Naiditsch.

This exclusive qualifier is only for ICC members.  Check out the
Mainz Chess960 Qualifier page at
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