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ICC News Item #1913

NEWS 1913 (16-Dec-08)Next Previous

For a limited time, you can give the gift of a membership or membership
extension plus the downloadable chess engine, Junior, at a drastic discount. In
addition, if you are an ICC member, when the gift certificate is redeemed, you
will get additional months added to your account as well! Junior is a world-
class engine that integrates with free ICC Dasher software to analyze games or
spar with you.

$50 SPECIAL certificate, redeemable for:

Junior 10 world champion chess engine for Windows, and 
6 months of ICC for adults or 1 year for students 
Plus 2 months extension for the buyer, if an ICC member

$100 SPECIAL certificate, redeemable for:

Deep Junior 10 chess engine for Windows (utilizes the added power of multi-core PCs)
18 months of ICC for adults or 3 years for students 
Plus 4 months extension for the buyer, if an ICC member.

Hurry! This offer expires December 31st, 2008!
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