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ICC News Item #1910

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ICC now has a Chess.FM blog!

In addition to our popular Game of the Day Grand Master coverage of the 38th
Chess Olympiad in Dresden, and podcasts by Mig Greengard, ICC now has a
Chess.FM blog! 

Anyone can read it, but ONLY ICC members can login to leave
comments, and we plan to have additional members-only features in the future.
Also, look out for membership extensions coming soon for best blog comment of
the day, where you can win a 3 month membership extension!

Latest breaking news from Dresden on the blog

includes an exclusive scoop by ICC Chess.FM's Macauley Peterson on
the on-off-on-off-??? Topalov-Kamsky match!  It's on! Kamsky, Sofia, February
by Macauley Peterson. Recent posts feature audio & video from GMs Magnus
Carlsen (Norway), Fabiano Caruana (Italy), IM David Smerdon (Australia),
Alejandro Ramirez Álvarez (Costa Rica), Baadur Jobava (Georgia), Wang Hao and
Hou Yifan (China), and Georg Meier (Germany). The inaugural post was a "Best
of Bonn", highlights from our on-site coverage, featuring a 19 minute post-
match interview with World Champion Anand.

Each day of the Olympiad at 9:00am EST, ICC will relay around 40 live boards.
So sit back here at ICC for all the best Olympiad action.
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