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ICC News Item #1906

NEWS 1906 (11-Oct-08)Next Previous
Are you ready for the Battle of Bonn?

We're only days away from the eagerly anticipated $2m Anand-Kramnik match -
and ICC Chess.FM will have unrivaled coverage throughout, with new prize
competitions and guest commentators for this epic showdown.

The full schedule for the ICC Chess.FM coverage is below.  Please note that
due to Daylight Saving Time ending on different dates in Europe and in the
USA, Games 1-8 will start at 09:00am ET (3:00pm local CET), with Games 9-12
starting at 10:00am ET (3:00pm local CET).

Game 1: Tuesday, October 14 - Mig & GM Joel Benjamin
Game 2: Wednesday, October 15 - Mig & GM Joel Benjamin
Game 3: Friday, October 17 - Mig & GM Jan Gustafsson
Game 4: Saturday, October 18 - Mig & GM Nick de Firmian
Game 5: Monday, October 20 - Mig & GM Jon Speelman
Game 6: Tuesday, October 21 - Mig & Larry Christiansen
Game 7: Thursday, October 23 - Mig & GM Ronen Har-Zvi
Game 8: Friday, October 24 - Mig & GM Larry Christiansen
Game 9: Sunday, October 26 - Mig & GM Nick de Firmian
Game 10: Monday, October 27 - Mig & GM Jonathan Rowson
Game 11: Wednesday, October 29 - Mig & TBA
Game 12: Friday, October 31 - Mig & TBA
Tiebreak (if needed): Sunday, November 2

Also in Bonn reporting for ICC Chess.FM will be American Chess Journalist of
the Year, Macauley Peterson, who will be giving us his unique video spin of
all the action. And each day during our live coverage, ICC members will get
the chance to take part in three exciting competitions to win major chess

- There's the ever-popular New In Chess Trivia contest, where each day you
could win ICC membership extensions and the top prize of a one year
subscription to the best chess magazine in the world, New In Chess!

- Game of the Day will also now include a daily email trivia contest
sponsored by The House of Staunton, where each day an ICC member will win the
Reykjavik chess set, an exact reproduction of one of the most famous sets
ever produced, the set used for the legendary Fischer-Spassky 1972 World
Championship Match.

- And also there will be the Everyman Chess World Championship Call-In. Sound
off on the World Championship on ICC Chess.FM and win a new book signed by
Garry Kasparov! Will Anand hang on to the crown or will Kramnik take back the
title? Have a question for Mig and our Grandmaster commentators? You can
leave a message NOW to the Skype account 'iccchessfm'. Say your ICC handle,
where your calling from, and a message under one minute. Each round of the
World Championship the best call will win a signed copy of Garry Kasparov on
Modern Chess Pt. II,  Kasparov-Karpov 1975-1985!
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