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ICC News Item #1901

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August Membership Special: Free Junior

If you're a dedicated member of the Internet Chess Club, now is your
chance to SAVE $60 while super-charging ICC Dasher with the most
reliable analysis and most challenging machine-matching with the World
Champion "Junior" chess engine.  Junior is considered by many to be
the strongest and most human-like of all the computer engines.  Deep
Junior drew a match with Kasparov, won a match with Radjabov, and,
last summer, won a FIDE-organized match against Deep Fritz 4-2.

We are offering Junior for FREE this month with purchase of a three-
year ICC membership, new or renewal.  At just $149.95 for three years,
you already save $30 versus the regular one-year price, while Junior
would normally cost an additional $29.95 at our exclusive members-only
price, so your saving a total of about $60!

All you need to do is sign up or renew online at the three-year rate
during the month of August and then download Junior 10.1 (the latest
version) using Purchase Junior Engine from the Dasher Web menu.  If
you prefer, you also have the option of purchasing Deep Junior for
just $20 (the normal price difference for members).

Junior integrates with ICC Dasher, allowing you to analyze your games
or "Play vs. Computer" offline.  This is also the only UCI-COMPATIBLE
version of Junior that has ever been sold, so you can run it in your
favorite other chess programs in addition to Dasher.

Don't wait any longer--Save $60 and get Junior now!

Junior FAQ:
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