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ICC News Item #1899

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ICC Sants Open Qualifier - win a round-trip ticket and hotel to Barcelona!

In the past year we've had Dos Hermanas, Mainz and most recently the Brunei
Blitz - and now comes another exclusively online blitz event for ICC members:
the 1st Barcelona Sants Open 2008 Internet Qualifier, running July 31 - 1
August, with the 16-player final taking place on Sunday, August 3.

We have on offer a top prize of return air-ticket, free hotel, breakfast and
entry for the overall winner; 500 Euro (approx. $785) and free entries to the
Sants Open for the next three places; plus ICC extension prizes totaling 48

1st prize: Round-trip air travel (*conditions apply - see below) to Barcelona,
plus hotel including breakfast for the duration of the Sants Open in
Barcelona, plus free entry to Sants Open.

2nd prize: 300 Euro, plus free entry to Sants Open

3rd/4th prize: 100 Euro each, plus free entry to Sants Open

5th-8th prize: 6 months ICC extensions 

Eight 3 months ICC extension prizes will be raffled between all participants
who orderly finish a qualifier, two in every qualifier. Please note that there
is no cash equivalent for the round-trip air travel for 1st prize to
Barcelona. Should the winner be unable to accept the invitation to Barcelona,
he/she will forfeit this prize - also note that other ICC conditions apply for
main prize, so please check further in Rules & Guidelines. ICC reserves the
right to award the main prize to another player in that case. Also, 2nd, 3rd
and 4th prizes can be paid directly by wire transfer. Qualifications

There will be four qualification tournaments with the following schedule:

Qualifier 1: Thursday, July 31, 11:30am 
Qualifier 2: Thursday, July 31, 2:30pm
Qualifier 3: Friday, August 1, 11:30am 
Qualifier 4: Friday, August 1, 2:30pm

Above times are server time (New York).

There is a 6 hours difference to CET. Starting times in CET are 17:30 and
20:30, respectively. All qualifiers will be Swiss 9 rounds rated tournaments.
The time control will be 3 0. You can play in as many qualifiers as you like -
so remember to book the dates in your diary now!

Rules & Guidelines for this exclusive qualifier for ICC members can be found
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