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ICC News Item #1894

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Player Statistics

When you and your friend play chess, who keeps score?  We do!  Try out the
"pstat" feature, which displays your record of wins, losses, and draws
against a given opponent.  For example, type:

pstat JSBach

to view your record against JSBach.  You can also provide two players:

pstat X Y

to see the score between players X and Y.

To automatically see your record against your current opponent, check
"show player statistics when game starts" in Dasher 1.2 (Settings dialog:
Playing 2 tab), or check "pstat" in BlitzIn 2.7 (Options menu:
Set Variables).  From other clients, type "set pstat 1" in the console.

For the best pstat output you will need at least version 1.2 of Dasher
or 2.7 of BlitzIn.  Player statistics include all rated games played
since June 2007.
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