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ICC News Item #189

NEWS 189 (21-Aug-95)Next Previous
Expiring soon? Considering whether to join?

The ICC is planning lots of exciting events for its members in the
coming months.  Most of these will be open only to registered members,
and won't be observable by unregistered players.

-- Live broadcast of the Intel World Championship Match between Kasparov
and Anand, with IM and GM commentary on ICC.  news 186 for more info.

-- Live broadcast of the Harvard Cup October 14-15.  Grandmasters take on
the top computer programs.

-- Live braodcast of Boris Spassky simuls from Canada in October, with
an ICC member on one of the boards.

-- Many on-line Lectures, "Play the Master", WBCA rated blitz tournaments,
Tomato tournaments, Grandmaster-Grandmaster matches, Grandmaster-Computer
Matches, watching GMs play blitz, searchable Database of Master games, etc.

These events and features make ICC membership a tremendous bargain,
especially considering that the major on-line services charge several
dollars per HOUR of login time.  ICC is less than 14 cents per DAY!

We hope you decide to join/renew!  Thanks!  Just type help extend.
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