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ICC News Item #1883

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Sign up now for TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE Tournament 35.

TEAM 45 45 LEAGUE Tournament #34 has recently concluded with 477
players, from 51 countries, on 101 teams!  The winning teams can
be seen at the League's ICC Group page at:

TEAM ENTRIES FOR TOURNAMENT #35!  Get in on the serious action
and the team camaraderie.  Team entries:  Sept. 25 - Oct. 9.
Play one game per week from Oct. 16 - Jan 1 (includes possible

FIVE SECTIONS! The League provides team format competitive play
for ICC members of all levels of skill, with sections for team
averages of U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600, and U1300.

SLOW CHESS! Play one game a week with a time control of 45 45 for
six weeks, followed by up to three rounds of playoffs. Players
play on a team of 4-6 players, with any 4 members playing each
week. Games are played at a date and time agreed upon by the
paired players.

SIGN UP NOW!  Read the Quick Guide at to find out how to join.
Please sign up only if you will play for the six weeks plus

PRIZES! The ICC donates one-month membership extensions to the
winning team in each section.

Team 45 45 League is a group of dedicated human chess players who
desire to play slow time control chess with other human chess
players.  Cheating by the use of computer programs to assist even
in the slightest amount is completely prohibited.

MORE INFORMATION: help team4545 and finger team4545.  Or ask
in channel 345 (type "g-join Team4545League" to request
admittance to the group channel).  Team 45 45 League's website is

ESPANOL:  introduccion a la Liga - en espanol!-->

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