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ICC News Item #1866

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Play Anonymously on the Internet Chess Club

Paid members now have the ability to log in anonymously.  In this way, you
can try out openings without worrying that your normal OTB opponents will see
the games in your history.  Ever wanted to be a cyborg?  When logged on
anonymously you are allowed to run a chess-playing engine, even where this
would not be allowed on your regular account.

To log in anonymously using Dasher 1.0 check the "Enter anonymously" checkbox
in the Login dialog.  In BlitzIn and other clients, connect as you normally
would but put an exclamation mark before your handle, such as !wohl.  Use
your normal password.  You will be assigned a handle like anon314.  Other
members won't be able to see your real handle.  When you are logged in
anonymously, you can't also be logged in regularly.

By default an anonymous user can't talk to anyone, and nobody except admins
and helpers can talk to the anonymous user.  The "tell" variable now controls
chat with anonymous users.  To carry on a conversation with an anonymous
user, both parties must do "set tell 1".  In Dasher 1.0 this can be
accomplished by unchecking "Prohibit chat with anonymous handles" in the
General tab of the Settings dialog.

Anonymous users do not have titles or ratings.  We have modified the server's
responses in various ways to hide a member's identity from curious others. 

We have also taken precautions to prevent abusers from hiding behind a
shield of anonymity.  Users can still launch complaints against anonymous
handles, and admins can track anonymous handles back to the real accounts.
Anonymous users can't message others, shout, set finger notes, etc., nor
can they play rated games.   

This anonymous feature is only for paid or exempt users in good standing.
It is not available to free trials.
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