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ICC News Item #1865

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ICC Dasher 1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the general release of ICC Dasher, a new Windows
program for connecting and playing on the Internet Chess Club.  It is an
alternative to the popular BlitzIn client.  You can download ICC Dasher 1.0
for free from:

There is a lot of cool stuff here, including many things that were on the
wish lists for BlitzIn.  Some examples:

    * Chess engine for off-line play and examine-mode analysis
    * Nice new piece sets
    * Settings dialog allowing lots of customization
    * Preview of board display options
    * Tabbed console
    * Popup chat windows
    * Tournament interface
    * New examine mode markings
    * Figurine algebraic notation
    * Channels list
    * Profile window
    * Bughouse buttons
    * Contextual help
    * A skinned interface
    * Menu icons, larger toolbar buttons, and in general, a slicker look

Thank you to everybody who participated in the open beta test.
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