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ICC News Item #1861

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ICC Blitz Championship Postponed

Given recent events, many ICC members have expressed their concern
about traveling to Israel for the FIDE World Blitz Championship.

We believe that there is a strong possibility that the FIDE event will
be postponed, although the decision is not ICC's to make. Therefore we
have decided to postpone the ICC World Blitz Championship, which was
to be a qualifier for the FIDE event, by approximately one month.

More details will be announced shortly.

However, there is a possibility that the FIDE event will still occur
on schedule and ICC still holds two seats to fill with our best
players, who may be available to travel there.  Therefore, we are
adding a special free qualifier for all FIDE titled players on August
20 at 1pm, server time.

If the FIDE event is NOT postponed, the top two finishers from the
August 20th qualifier on ICC will be awarded the seats in Israel. In
addition, ICC will add $1000 in prize money, to be split by the top
two finishers in the ICC World Blitz Championship, to be held later.

If the FIDE event IS postponed, we will still hold the August 20th
tournament and split the $1000 between the top two finishers, but it
will no longer be the qualifier.

ICC is sorry about the unfortunate timing for these prestigious
events, but we believe that these changes will offer the best
opportunities to members who want to take part.

Joel Berez
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