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ICC News Item #1860

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Qualify for the FIDE World Blitz Championship in Israel!

Want to play with Anand, Leko, Gelfand, Svidler, Morozevich 
or Judit Polgar? Want to play in a tournament with a $100,000 prize
fund? Interested in becoming the FIDE World Blitz Champion?

It is all possible now. Two of the sixteen participants in the
FIDE World Blitz Championships, from September 5th to 8th,
played in Rishon-LeZion, Israel (near Tel Aviv), will be determined 
in the upcoming ICC World Blitz Championship!

Think you are not strong enough to qualify for the Israel 
tournament? No problem. There will be class prizes with a 
value of over $5,000 for classes U1600, U1800, U2000 and U2200.

In addition there will be trophies for the winners and another 
$500 cash prize for the ultimate winner.

The entry fee is just $20 per qualifier. (GM)s get a refund on
one entry fee. You can sign up at:

Also see the full rules, schedule and description of the tournament at:

The qualifiers will take place on:

Sunday, August 13, 1pm server time
Wednesday, August 16, 1pm server time.

Sign up now!
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