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ICC News Item #1856

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As of August 1, 2006, the annual adult membership fee for the Internet 
Chess Club will change, for the first time since 1995, to $59.95 
($29.95 for students).  During the month of July, current members will 
not only have an opportunity to renew at the old rate, but they will be 
able to add more years at an additional discount!

Beginning this past year, ICC has renewed its commitment to bring you 
the best chess service on the Internet with a considerable investment 
in additional content, improved software, and a generally better user 
experience.  For example, ICC is giving its members:

- Increased coverage of chess events around the world, including more 
ICC Webcast audio and new video coverage--all for ICC members only.  
For instance, ICC sent a representative to the World Chess Championship 
in San Luis, Argentina for on-the-spot reporting and player interviews.

- Special events with the world's top players, such as a simul by former 
FIDE World Champion Vishy Anand last year that raised $8,000 for charity.  
Coming up on July 25, World Champion Vladimir Kramnik will be conducting 
a simul on ICC for qualifying members (watch for details).

- More online tournaments of every variety than ever before, including 
qualifying events for major OTB tournaments like Dos Hermanas and the 
U.S. Championship.  Over the next year, watch for new opportunities to 
play OTB-rated games on ICC.

- New content and easier access to existing content through the new ICC 
weekly newsletter, new ICC Web window in BlitzIn, the new event list, 
and ongoing improvements to the ICC web site.

- A major new interface called Dasher to be launched in coming weeks 
("looks impressive," says TWIC), which features a dramatically improved 
look and feel and a long list of new features, such as a built-in chess 
engine for game analysis and off-line play, a new tournament interface, 
and extensive customization.

- Improved support for a diversified member community, beginning with 
the addition of Spanish-speaking members from Chess21.  We have added 
more Spanish-speaking helpers, more Spanish-language activities and 
coverage, Spanish radio, a Spanish newsletter, a Spanish ICC Web, and, 
this week, Spanish lectures!  Coming soon are Spanish Trivia, full 
Spanish-translation of server messages, Spanish input, and improved 
Spanish client support.

To help fund all of the new activities, ICC has decided to raise its 
price for the first time since its inception in 1995--just $11 after
11 years!  However, we know that the success of the Internet Chess 
Club depends upon the continued support of our most loyal members.  
Therefore we are offering the opportunity to renew now at the $49 rate 
for the first year ($24.50 for students) and up to four more years are 
just $40 each (adults only), one-third less than the new rate!  This 
offer is good through midnight, July 31.  New members are welcome, 
too, so be sure to tell your friends that now is the time to join ICC.

I want to tell you about one more change that will be happening at the 
same time.  As of August 1, we will no longer allow anonymous guests 
to chat or play games on ICC, although they may still talk with admins 
for technical support or other assistance.  Free trials will continue 
to be available for those who want to try out the full service.  We 
are announcing this change now to give any guests who would like to 
join an opportunity to take advantage of the lower prices this month.

If you have any questions, please direct your email to  
Thank you for your support.

Joel Berez
Internet Chess Club
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