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ICC News Item #1844

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Dos Hermanas VII on ICC, free entry, cash prizes!

For the seventh consecutive year, ICC is hosting the annual Internet 
Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas" 2006.  The cash prize fund 
amounts to EUR 6,100 (about $7,250), plus ICC membership prizes.

Entry is completely FREE.  You don't even need to be a paying member 
of ICC to play.

Starting March 17th, there will be 12 Swiss-system qualifying tourneys, 
that will begin at 2pm and 7pm server time on every day. 
You can take part in all of them.  Qualifier winners along with the 
20 best-scoring players will advance to the knockout finals, which will 
be played on the 24th and 25th of March.  The time control is now 
shorter, at 4/1 for all rounds.

Last years statistics were really good: 61 GMs, 110 IMs took part in a 
field of 1,303 players from 79 countries.  Overall winner was GM Daniel 
Fridman (2559) and other top players that qualified for the final were 
GMs Sakaev (2649), Sasikiran (2670), Harikrisna (2650) and Nakamura 

Even if you are not aiming to win a prize, this tournament gives you 
a chance to meet world class players!  We hope that Dos Hermanas will 
become the internet chess tourney of the year once more.

If you wish to participate, the rules, entry forms and the full schedule 
are at  Make sure to register early; your 
registration is valid for all qualifiers, but you do not need to play all. 
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