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ICC News Item #1841

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College Chess League (CCL) to take place on ICC!

The USCF's College Chess Committee (CCC) is very pleased to
announce the formation of a new College Chess League (CCL)
soon to begin play on the ICC. To view participants of the
30 team rosters and pairings, see: and

The teams are located across the USA with players of every
rating level.

Although many have invested time and effort to organize and
create the league, the CCC would like to single out the
efforts of Gregory Alexander from the University of
Washington. His website gives the CCL its home. Thanks also
go to Sara Walsh who will act as Chief TD. And, finally,
without the cooperation of Duncan Oxley and the ICC, none of
this would be possible. The CCC thanks them for all their
effort and support.

We hope you have an opportunity to follow the matches. Plans
are to continue the matches during the fall 2006 semester.
With the ICC as a platform, and the Internet, in general,
intercollegiate play has a wonderful future. Innovative
ideas are welcome!  See the CCL forum, for discussion, at:
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