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ICC News Item #1830

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Play Tournaments on the Internet Chess Club!

The Internet Chess Club holds over 500 tournaments every week!  There
are 81 scheduled events weekly, as well as hundreds of impromptu
tournaments for bullet, blitz, standard, and wild variations.

Starting this weekend, ICC will be hosting special cash prize
tournaments every second Saturday at 14:00 server time.  500 USD will
be given to the winner of each of the 3 0 Swiss, 11-round events.
In addition, various other prizes will be raffled off among all
participants.  For full details, see help WinnerTakesAll.

ICC is also giving away DVDs of the documentary "Game Over:
Kasparov and the machine" every Sunday at 15:00 sever time during the
scheduled Blitz tournaments.  See help GameOver for details on how
to win these special prizes.

The next 24-hour Tomato tournament Marathon will be held
November 12-13th.  There will be five sections and dozens of
membership-extension prizes; see help marathon.

The 15 0 Standard Championship ran from October 8-15th.  Over 200
players participated, and the winners were:

Open:   Richarius(IM)
u2000:  Newjechin

Next up is the 4 2 Thematic Championship in December.  See
help Championship for full details on these exciting events.

The 2005 ICC CrazyHouse (w23) Championships ran from October 21-29th.
Arandela won the 1 0 section and sharkmeister won the 3 0 section.
The next Wild Championship will be Kriegspiel (w16); see:

For a full list of the October monthly prizes, see:

Top 5 Scheduled Event Winners:
13 wins - akdog3  (+1 month extension)
9 wins - mudilo
8 wins - sharkmeister
5 wins - erwinromel, manest(IM) and Peter-Patzer

Most points earned - OF (305.5 points) (+1 month extension)
Most rounds played - anan (436 rounds) (+1 month extension)

During the month of October, there were 2,644 players in the 372
scheduled tourneys, and a total of 2,145 tournaments overall.
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