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ICC News Item #1829

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Winner Takes All -- New CASH prize tournaments on ICC!

Starting November 5, ICC and the Tomato team will hold a biweekly
tournament with a US$ 500 cash prize! The tournament will take
place in the pear bot on every other Saturday, starting 14:00
server time. 11 rounds at a time control of 3 0 rated, will be played.

The tournament will use Swiss pairings. In case two or more
players finish the tournament with the same score, a playoff
tournament shall be held immediately afterwards.

The winner receives the entire cash prize of US$ 500 from ICC!

The winner will not take all, however, as ICC will randomly
raffle various prizes, where all who finish the tournament are

In the first week (November 5) we will give away four copies of 
'The Prince of Chess' by Oyvind Asbjornsen, the DVD about the 
world's youngest grandmaster Magnus Carlsen".  This prize is 
sponsored by the chess magazine "New In Chess". You can also 
purchase it in their shop at !

Even if you think you have no chance at the first prize, you
should definitely test your abilities against masters in a real

No preregistration is necessary! Just show up before starting time
at 14:00 New York Time (type "date" on ICC and compare to your
local time) and type "tell pear join" or use the link in the
event list.

For all rules and regulations, see help WinnerTakesAll.

Note: A US$ 500 first place prize will be awarded for each of
the scheduled tournament days. Those days are November 5th, 
19th, December 3rd, 17th and 31st.

Good luck to you all!
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