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ICC News Item #1817

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Lag Is Lower

The ICC engineering staff has been working hard to reduce lag
(i.e. response time), and is pleased to announce some success.
The average lag per chess move over the past 30 days has been
205 milliseconds (0.205 seconds), which is about 25% less
than we had just a few months ago.  In the evening hours, the
lag is even better, averaging 180 milliseconds after 7pm.

While most of the lag is generally from the internet connection,
particularly the user's connection to his or her local provider,
sometimes some of the delay has been due to the ICC server being
slow to process its input, e.g. delay while it reads a file.  It
is this delay that we've been able virtually to eliminate.  We
moved to faster machines, tuned the disk system for performance,
modified our backup procedures, reworked the chess server's
networking and event-handling code, moved the web server and
other processes off onto other machines, and made a number of
other optimizations for speed.  We also improved our internet
connection and reliability by moving to a better location and
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