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ICC News Item #1803

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ICC and the HB Global Chess Challenge

The Internet Chess Club and Chess.FM are pleased to announce that we have
been chosen as the official online host for the HB Global Chess Challenge!

The HB Global Chess Challenge is the richest open tournament in the
history of chess, with over $500,000 as a guaranteed prize fund.  The
9-round Swiss tournament runs May 18-22 and will take place in
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Each day ICC and Chess.FM will offer analysis and discussion as the
action unfolds. Included in the live coverage will be commentary and
Chess.FM shows hosted by Grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

ICC hopes that the HB Global Chess Challenge will revitalize interest
in tournament chess within the United States and pave the way for many
more such events.

Register to play:
Tournament information:
Registered players:

No Early Draw Rule:
The organizers are requiring that all players sign off on rules
regarding no early draws, which should greatly enhance the fighting
chess for both the players and the spectators.  For more details see
the tournament information web page given above.

For the remainder of the Tournament policies see:

Players have the choice of a 5-day schedule or a 3-day schedule.  The
round times are available on the tournament web page.

Type finger HBchallenge05 on ICC for current information. 
Type finger Live for current ICC live coverage. 
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