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ICC News Item #1802

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Preview the Next Release of BlitzIn

The Internet Chess Club is pleased to announce the immediate availability
of BlitzIn 2.5 Open Beta.  By participating in the open beta test, you
can preview the next release of BlitzIn, the premier Windows client for
ICC.  Visit this page to download the installer:

New features include:

- The "Info Window"
Experience lessons that interact with a chess board.  Browse dynamic
web documentation from within BlitzIn.  Manage your ICC settings through
a graphical user interface.

- "Premove"
For fast games, queue up a new move without having to wait for your
opponent to respond.

- More options
Choose from new chess boards.  Emulate previous versions of BlitzIn.
Customize your background color.

- Check for updates and upgrade easily through a new menu item.

- Connect through proxy servers.

- "Autochat".  Talk to your current opponent without typing any commands.

There are also dozens of other new features and bug fixes.
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