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ICC News Item #1801

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Spring 2005 Correspondence Championship!

The Internet Chess Club is happy to announce the Spring 2005
Correspondence Championship!

Playing correspondence chess on ICC requires no record-keeping on
your part as the server keeps track of all your games, moves and
time used.  Your moves are sent automatically via ICC message to
your opponents.  As in our other correspondence events, the time
control is 10 moves in 30 days.

The games will be rated, therefore membership in our rated
correspondence program is required.  Please see news 1623 for
more info.  Joining the rated correspondence program is free, and
easy to do.  Simply fill out and submit the form located at:

ICC membership extensions are available as prizes in seven
separate sections (U1200, 1200-1399, 1400-1599, 1600-1799,
1800-1999, 2000-2199, 2200+):

Prelim 1st: 1/2 month
Semi-Final 1st: 1 month
Semi-Final 2nd: 1/2 month
Final 1st: 4 months (6 months for 2200+)
Final 2nd: 2 months (3 months for 2200+)

The ratings used will be taken from the 'Rating List' link at:

To register, while logged onto ICC, send a message to the 'CorrChamps'
account by typing:

mess corrchamps Please enter me in the Spring Correspondence Championship

We will be accepting entries until midnight server time April 23, 2005.
Play will begin on April 24, 2005.

COMPUTER USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  You may refer to books and
other printed material, as well as databases, but you may NOT use
any chess-playing engine for assistance.  Also, ICC paid membership is
required and must be maintained throughout the Championship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message 'StesurBarsa'
while logged onto ICC.

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