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ICC News Item #1799

NEWS 1799 (31-Mar-05)Next Previous
Dos Hermanas VI: Once again a highlight in internet chess!

The annual Dos Hermanas tournament was played on ICC for the sixth
time. Like every year, the qualifiers brought intense competition
amongst top-rated world class players, but also the chance for everyone
to meet those stars under tournament conditions.

This year, we recorded 1,303 players from 79 countries actually
participating. Of those, 61 were Grandmasters, 10 Women Grandmasters,
110 International Masters and 8 Women International Masters.

Only 32 could qualify for the finals. 22 of the Grandmasters made it,
and met 9 International Masters and one Woman Grandmaster last weekend.

Here are the results:

1st      (1800 Euro):          GM Daniel Fridman (Germany)
2nd      (900 Euro):           GM Bu Xiangzhi (China)
3rd-4th  (600 Euro each):      GM Jan Smeets (Netherlands)
                               GM Sergey Volkov (Russia)
5th-8th  (250 Euro each):      GM Konstantin Sakaev (Russia)
                               IM Danilo Milanovic (Serbia)
                               GM Krishnan Sasikiran (India)
                               WGM Zhao Xue (China)
9th-16th (150 Euro each):      GM Dmitry Bocharov (Russia)
                               GM Tigran L. Petrosian (Armenia)
                               GM Gamil Agamaliev (Azerbaijan)
                               GM Hikaru Nakamura (USA)
                               GM Gadir Guseinov (Azerbaijan)
                               GM Jesus Nogueiras Santiago (Cuba)
                               GM P. Harikrishna (India)
                               IM Boris Savchenko (Russia)

The first six non GM/IM players winning a 6-month extension prize
on ICC were: Tourney-player, NITOMESTRE, cordes, dsc, akibael and

Six 6-month extension prizes were raffled between all participants.
The winners are: jorgeearroyo, d-jarl, GreatDersu, toro5, sixty4 and

Congratulations to all prize winners!  You can take a look at detailed
results or download PGN files with all games played in the tournament
in the results section on or at

ICC would like to thank the Dos Hermanas City Council, the
Municipal Foundation for Sport of Dos Hermanas and EDAMI
(Miguel Illescas Chess School) for their generous sponsorship
and support.

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